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  1. Not super familiar with VW’s navigation/organization capabilities. It seems that there is one ‘model space’ view (similar to rhino/autocad) where all design elements/objects exist. It seems that you then control groups of objects within that single model space via classes and design layers to create individual drawings. I am used to an archicad/revit style organization where you setup multiple ‘model space’ views (ie plans/elevations/sections/details) and draw each drawing in its associated view. I should also mention that my workflow is primarily 2D with the only BIM feature i typically use being the wall/door/window tools in plan views. I prefer the multiple model space workflow and I’m wondering if someone can help further explain how exactly multiple drawings are organized/managed within a single project file of VW. It seems clunky to me to have to toggle layers on and off when I want to switch from drawing an elevation to a plan etc. I’d rather just click on the separate model space view that contains any objects I’ve started to create for that particular drawing(s). Any comments/feedback appreciated. Thanks!
  2. In Archicad you can draw any type of patterns with lines/polylines/circles/etc and copy/paste it into the hatch dialogue. It will then tile whatever you draw. Does the VW tile pattern tool allow you to draw the custom pattern or does it just tile a jpeg?
  3. Awesome, thank you very much Marcel! It seems I’ll be able to do exactly what I need to do! On a side note, is there anyway to draw custom hatches similar to archicad? I’ve seen the VW hatch creation palette in which you can specify line segments, spacing, angles etc…..however I haven’t been able to find a tutorial in which you can graphically create a fill….is there some equivalent?
  4. I am an ex archicad user and I now use autocad. I loved archicads trace overlay feature in which you could overlay one viewport on top of another to aid in drawing. This is helpful when drawing elevations/sections from plans. Autocad also has the xref feature, in which a similar workflow is attainable. I am interested in purchasing vectorworks and I’m wondering if there is a similar tool/workflow available in this software. Thanks!
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