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  1. HI there, We have been working on bringing in plant styles using our Design Layers. we have been using a range of the tools such as poly edge space tool and rectangular array. We have ticked on "On Plant List" for all of them. When we Create a Report for the plants, the numbering is all wrong - sometimes it counts the plants using the poly edge space tool (for instance) as one plant. Could you please instruct us on how to ensure the numbering is correct? Many thanks! K
  2. I'm sorry but my student now doesn't believe the issue has been resolved. She says the following: I have noticed that when I click on a previously imported image from Resource manager the Object info palette shape says "2D Symbol - Scaled" Then when I click on the box or cross and I try to import, the Object info - shape says "Image Prop" Does that help with trying to work out what's going on? And is it what you were saying before - that she is inserting a 3D symbol with no 2D geometry perhaps? Many thanks!
  3. Thank you ! Problem solved! It was any plug - in.
  4. HI there, One of my students is getting this orange box pop up when they are trying to insert a Plug In Object. And when they click, the Plug In isnt appearing. Any ideas? K
  5. Hi there! There are heaps of images in the Resource Manager but some are not to the scale I was after. For instance, some of the flooring/carpet images. Can I modify the scale of these somehow? Many thanks! K
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