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  1. I posted this on the user discussion list . I thought it worth posting on here on the community board too I want to pass along some information about a great resource for all VWusers. I've been attending Jonathan Pickup's interactive online user group sessions on Skype for some time now. I've always found his workshop sessions to be very informative. The hour or so I spend there every couple of weeks are always well worth my time. To elaborate a bit, yesterday morning (NZ time) Jon showed us how surprisingly easy it is to use the stories setup for mid-level floors such as a split level home. In the past stories were a bit of a "pain" for me ( and I'm sure I'm not alone). Jon went through "how to do it" steps to create basic intermediate floor levels in a story. Then using this simple method, in about 4 minutes, he created the interactive floors, walls, slabs and stairways for a structure using two stories with four levels all connected and interactive. This was really clean! Since stories was release with VW2011, I've struggled with this idea of the split level design using the stories command. I developed my own work around that usually took about three or four hours to complete. Later if there was any change in floor elevation required, it was a pain to do it. Now any elevation change is as simple as one or two "clicks" and "Viola" ... all the out of plane component parts just moved together so easily. Now the power of this kind of interactivity has really impressed me (and yes excited me). One less work around!! I would urge all of you to check out his website. There you will find a huge catalog of "movies" and tutorials. He's a quite a friendly relaxed guy and a very good presenter. It will be well worth your time. Cheers ... Roger Williams
  2. I've been working with Jon for quite some time now. I've been a VW user since MC2.0. Working with Jon's on-line workshops and sessions have been a really valuable asset to me. I have always found new and better ways to use the VectorWorks tools. I also use the session outlines in my local user group meetings from time to time. (I'm in Alaska BTW) I strongly encourage VW users in all CADD disciplines to check out his website and join up.


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