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  1. Hey all- Maybe I didnt describe the geo well enough. It does have thickness. I did compose object beforehand, however, Petri seems to have answered my question. Autocad user- I usually dont use the wall tools, but rather line draw the outer geometry and offset internally. Guess I better learn the wall tool! Thanks for the detailed replies. Helps a ton. Eric
  2. Hi all- Excuse me if this is a really naive question, but I havent figured out a way to extude an arc in 3d without getting it to turn into a large piece of pie shape. To explain- The shape I am building is essentially a long thin box, but one half of it has an arc to it. So, there is a gentle rising arc (vertex is below) then straight across. That linear shape is the same on the bottom, and the endpoints are capped off with a straight line. Now, this all draws out just fine. But if I got to do a 3d extrusion, instead of extruding just the arcs, it also extrudes lines not previously there, which connect the ends of the arc to the radius. So now my thin shape with a slight curve on one side has a large triangular shape hanging underneath it. I am new to VW (being an autocad transferee) so I am positive I must be doing something silly. But I just cant figure out what. Shouldnt the arc just be... the arc itself? And not include geometry related only to its creation? (since I niether drew nor can even see the new lines it pops into the extrusion.) TIA everyone, really. BTW I am on a PC version 9.5.2 And looking to get up to ver11 soon as I can swing it... Eric
  3. Thanks for the replies all. I did find this last night, which was a HUGE help. http://www.liv.ac.uk/abe/students/vectorworks/01a_shapes.shtml Its third party, some bad spelling in there, but the stuff I made it through last night all worked out just fine. Propstuff, you mentioned free tutorials on the NNA site? I havent been able to locate. Got a url? Thanks a ton Eric
  4. Hi all- Name is Eric, I am an intro level draftsman. In short, I do simple floorplans for an architect who does remodels. Basically, I take paper plans and put em into autocad 2002. I have another architect interested in using me, if I can pick up VW 9.5 real quick. I am interested in any and all basic tutorial materials out there, including nemetscheks CDs. I would also like something that involves 3d stuff in that the architect who does the VW stuff could really benefit from that. Looking for recommendations on training materials, be it from nemetschek or 3rd party. thanks! Just starting out... Eric
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