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  1. Oh ok thanks, I didn't know that the US version doesn't have the window tool. I thought I'd get more reach in the english forum so I gave it a shot.
  2. Seems like no one knows a solution or workaround?
  3. Hey y'all We are currently trying to get our frist window schedule completely out of 3D. Using VW worksheets would be sufficient if only there was a way to get the parameters of the window frame into the worksheet. Right now we get the width and height of the frame aswell as the width of the casement but we would like to have a column for each of the highlighted parameters. Is there a command for the worksheet like ='Window CW'.'TypeRabbet' but along the lines of ='Window CW'.'FrameWidthLeft' or ='Window CW'.'FrameWidthBottom'? Thanks in advance!
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