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  1. Don Thanks - I'll have a look. Although keeping track of one more program running, while it may be worth the effort, was a bit more than I was hoping for. Just seems with VW logging the time already, there would be a sulotion for extracting that data.
  2. I'm trying to come up with a better way to track my hours per project. Granted my Excel skills are not that great, but currently I'm importing the log into Excel, searching for project open and Close times, and manually pasting in a formula to extract the time spent, then summing that column. It works, but it's time consumming and it seems there should be a better way. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  3. I've been working on a custom titleblock. So far, so good, but I have a couple of questions. The manual says on page 14-30 "Note: For the Design Series, field names must be prefixed with a P_ for project fields (fields with the same value on all title blocks in the file) and an S_ for sheet fields (fields with a different value on any title blocks)." If I'm reading this right, any of the "P_" values should automatically appear in a new titleblock in the same document. However this does not seem to be the case - am I reading this wrong or am I missing something? Also, is there a way to make the titleblock Date and File Name fields automatically update? These seem to be manual entry only. Thanks
  4. The version 2 of the plug works much better - very stable. The great thing is updating changes; simply re-export and merge, and all existing textures and attributes stay in place. Just curious - what aspect of it's output were you unhappy with?
  5. It did move! Thanks - I tried searching for an answer but got nothing. Appreciate your help...
  6. Aha - I do use ASME A a lot, most of my clients want something that fits in thier notebooks (the paper kind!). Don't go to larger sheets till later in the game. I take it this is on a "to be fixed" list? thanks
  7. In VW 12 - I have checked the "Log time in program" option in the VW prefs, but I cannot find the log file. In VW 11 the file was in the root program folder - was it moved elsewhere?
  8. Bob Haven't tried the 3DS, but you do know there's an export plugin for VW/C4D, right? It's avaiable from Maxon, and IMHO really nice and very usuable.
  9. Katie Any further ideas as to what steps I could take to fix this? Thanks
  10. Not sure if I'm following exactly, but my report has one line for the instance name in column A, and number of instances in column B. The Database line then sums the total number of all symbols. In the database row (in addition to the SUM tool), the A cell has "=S" and the B cell has "1". Is this what you're looking for?
  11. In the object info window you can turn the fractions on or off, and you can also manually enter the length of the dim.
  12. I did have Minor Alerts checked, but no difference. New blank doc gets the same error - this happens as soon as I click on the DB tool. What is the "data file" the error is refering to? FYI, I still have 11 installed (giving myself a month to transition). Would that matter?
  13. I'm using a modified version of the 12 spotlight workspace. I just tried using the original spotlight and stndard workspaces and got the same error...
  14. Just getting started with VW 12 here - and I've run into something wierd with the Drawing border tool. I've always created/used a custom template with my layers and classes set up - anyway, in this process I tried inserting a new drawing border on a blank sheet layer, and I get an error message "The size is not found in the data file". If I click the Preferences, everything is set to 0. I can ignore the warning, add the DB (which appears as ASME A size, even though the page prefs are set to letter) and then make it fit through the OI window. But this isn't what I saw demoed at LDI or in the Upgrade Companion. any thoughts? thanks
  15. Peter I have indeed noticed this, and it is a bit irritating. I believe they appear in the drop-down in the order the folders were created, rather than alphabetically.
  16. I backed my default up, but I really like VW to be ready as soon as I fire it up. Either way works....
  17. I don't think so - your option may be setting up a second label legend, sans containers, and manually assigning it to the units in question.
  18. A bit late, but you can set up your truss size via the requester as Grant describes, then "Save as Stationary" and overwrite "Default.sta" in your VW folder. That way every new drawing will be set for your favorite truss. BTW, this also works with most other tools - very handy.
  19. I've recently picked up a new Dell - It has the pentium mobile running at 2ghz, and it's nearly as snappy as my 3ghz desktop. I'll second Grant's suggestion on maxing out your ram and hard drive. Get a 128M video card. Big screen size is great, but also make sure it's high resolution. Mine is running at 1920x1600 - all my toolbars are open and plenty of room left to draft. I will say my favorite add on, in addition to a good mouse, is a usb numeric keypad. I do a fair amount of 3D and it's real nice to have dedicated keys for the views....
  20. I believe you are out of luck - your best bet may be deleting the 2D element.
  21. Viewports are dependant on the design layers in the drawing. You need to copy the design layers as well.
  22. 11.5.1 users - Do you folks have this option checked? I've totally held off on going to 11.5, because of all the troubles users are having. But the View Manager plug is something I am dying to use - it would save so much time - and it only runs on 11.5. But certainly not worth the risk of the bugs so many people are experiencing.
  23. murky here to - I had that checked for the first time, and really bogged VW down.
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