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  1. Matt Nothing I hate worse than having to number tables - it's a never ending project. When the numbering comes up, I do my best to get them to kindly accept a high res pdf of jpg they can import into PPT and number to thier hearts content. The worst was on a show I was TD/SM for. Prior to install I had done some sort of color coded banquet plan they were going to use as a printed map in the lobby. Onsite the DM gals keep running up to me asking to change this table or that, while I am calling the rehearsal with the CEO onstage! Luckily the account manager from the staging company had VW and was able to help, but they really thought the map was more important than what was going on onstage! Anyway - the only suggestion I could give is to use Spotlight; create a hanging position for each row and insert the tables as instruments. Create a custom Label Legend that puts a big Unit number in the center of your table. Alternate the numbering order on your hanging positions from R/L to L/R. I think this way the only number you'll have to enter is the first number for each row, but that's got to better than all 300. Maybe the new Event Seating tool in VW '10 will di this for us? Good Luck
  2. Kevin For me the 3D dimensions would be great in communicationg designs to clients. In general my vendors and contractors have no problem looking at plan and section views to get what they need. It's the orthagonal views I do for the client that would benefit from 3D dimensions as they most often cannot quite relate the ortho view to what they see in the plan view.
  3. Jim Glad you tracked it down - go figure that something that's supposed to help was actually the problem.... FYI, been using Avast AV and it seems to work great. Avira is another one....
  4. Read here http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=88681&Searchpage=2&Main=19195&Words=spacenavigator&Search=true#Post88681 I don't think the news is good for you...
  5. I may be wrong, but I believe VW doesn't install stuff all over the place like most Windows programs do. One exception, which I believe began with 12, was keeping the config and prefs files in "C:/Documents and Settings/user/Application Data/Nemetschek". (which is where your registration is living.) You could try (backing up) and removing that directory, and also make sure all your temp folders are clear. (CCleaner is a great app for that). Hang in there!
  6. Check your version of Quicktime/iTunes. Uninstall that and install the version that comes on the VW disk. Later versions of QT usually mess with VW. Best of luck!
  7. Wow - glad I double checked the topic here, somehow this got checked as read. Sam - thanks so much! I just got it installed and it looks great so far.
  8. I stand corrected - if RW cast shadows from something transparent that's not very real world is it? Still curious Pelle - mind sharing what you are using this for?
  9. I think RW is geared toward recreating the real world, and something like this may be beyond it's means. Cinema4D could do it I think. My suggestion would be to do multiple renders and take it to photoshop. One render without any people to get your "floor" and put that in your bottom PS layer. Then change the texture on your people to a single color, so you can easily select/mask them out. It's an interesting result. Just curious what the goal is for the renders?
  10. I finally got what your saying - islandmon, she's running windows in safe mode because of hardware failure, and the resolution is so low the dialog box won't fit on the screen. michelle, if you pm me and get me the file and I'll try to help.
  11. Matt It's not clear from your post, but VW only reads the workspace at startup, when changing from another workspace, or at the end of a customize session. Changes coming from the desktop will not been seen in real time. I second Ian's suggestion of placing the user folder somewhere more friendly, like My Docs. However, I skipped 2008 and I am not sure if that is an option with 2008. I also second the recommendation for using Synctoy. However, as I mentioned on your other post, I would be sure that VW is shut down on the machines being synced to avoid any locked or in use files being skipped or damaged.
  12. Matt Just as a heads up there is a Spotlight specific forum - Kevin, the Spotlight NNA guy, checks in there frequestly and may be a better place for Spotlight specific issues. I agree with Miguel that something may have errored during your attempts at sharing and/or syncing that you were working on. It seems possible to me that if VW was running, or had not exited properly, on the source machine and a sync operation was run that files may have come across as locked. Perhaps a reinstall of VW may be in order, just to be sure all the bits and pieces are in place.
  13. I second that - I have printed plenty of rendered views to pdf. Are you trying to capture something on a design layer or sheet layer? Can you not zoom out a bit to capture the entire area?
  14. With the Viewport selected, click the Layers button in the OIP. Viewports can override the stacking order - try clicking the Revert Stackingg Order button.
  15. brudgers is correct. The real difference in rendering time is all up to the processor, as well as RAM. The video card is only going to make a diffrence while you are modelling, and will not effect your render time. gh is also correct that the standard flavor of XP can only address 3.2 gigs of ram, but Vista (should you get a new machine) will address quite a bit more. Don't know the max, but you could certainly go with 8 gigs. As attractive as the $600 machine may look, I've found spending a bit more will keep you happy longer, before you find your self needing a new one. For a desktop it's about getting the processor first - you can always upgrade your drives, videocard, and ram later, but it's the processing speed you will be living with. Keep an eye on the differences in the size of the cache and the bus speed - this will make the most difference in rendering times. Good luck
  16. CAD_Boy I tried your test 01 file and everything exported to 3D except for the hazers. I believe the step you are missing is "Align Layer Views". The All Lites view includes several layers; as mentioned, you must set the view to "Top" rather than "Top/Plan", but all layers must be set to this view to export 3D. i.e. I opened your saved view, set the view to "Top", then "Align Layer Views", then exported and it worked fine. HTH
  17. APP Yes, exactly - the pipe MUST be 3D to take Z coordinates.
  18. Alex You may want to look at xFrog. http://www.xfrogdownloads.com/greenwebNew/products/productStart.htm They have a fully functional 30 day demo.
  19. George I agree with Peter, that given this is all totally new to you, that investing in basic training would be an intelligent choice for you and your employer. In lieu of that, there are some excellent tutorials here geared toward theatrical drawing and lighting design. http://instruct1.cit.cornell.edu/courses/thetr263/index.html
  20. Andrew I do draw in 3D in VW, and I render in Cinema 4D. All my symbols are hybrid 2D/3D, and the 3D components are classed in a way that makes exporting to C4D as efficient as possible. As Christian mentioned, the "double classing" in symbols is both a blessing and a curse. That's a big reason why I lean towards design layers; it has worked out for me, at least, as a much easier way to control visibility and clutter; if I just need to be working on one aspect, say AV, it's easy to set all the other layers to Gray, leave Classes to Show/Snap/Modify, and not worry about selecting or modifying the "wrong" things.
  21. visard Under your VW preferences/Edit tab - is Separate Sheet Views checked? If not, try checking it and see if that helps.
  22. I think the fact you have symbols in groups may be a problem. Do you have several groups with PARs in them? I seem to remember having a challenge with that a while back. Try ungrouping everything and see if it works.
  23. Andrew I draft meetings and events almost every day, and that is how I do it. In fact, my default template has layers labeled Building, Theatre, Classroom, Banquet, Scenic, AV, etc. I drop the appropriate elements into each layer, and then create sheet layers for each seating config. The one thing I do that may help - I start with one sheet layer with a view port, drop in my dimensions and callouts, get it looking all pretty. Then I duplicate that sheet layer, and in the new viewport I change the layer visibility to the next seating config, change a couple of callouts. That way I'm not starting from scratch for each, and the drawings look consistant. Also, you can copy annotations from a viewport, and Paste in Place to another. HTH!
  24. I have run into this as well - I went around and around trying to track it down and I think I narrowed it down to a font I was using in certain titleblocks (architechtura). Maybe try replacing your fancy fonts with standard ones?
  25. I believe the 2700M is a Quadro, not a GF (GeForce). It's sometimes best to go to the computer manufacturer's site for updated drivers, especially if it's a laptop (which I would assume it is). I would try and go through a process of elimination - one step at a time. Disconnect the wacom - does VW have the same crash with the mouse or touchpad? With the wacom connected, try disabling the touchpad, see if that makes a difference. If not, try disabling other running programs (like the AV) one at a time. Often with laptops, the manufacturers will have a fair amount of "extras" installed, and any of those might be creating a conflict. It may also be a matter of playing with the sensitivity settings in the wacom control panel. Maybe have a look at wacom's site, if they have a forum, or try googling wacom and whatever touchpad is built into your machine - my guess is that is where the conflict may be Good luck
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