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  1. I'd bake cookies for a version that recalculates only the active worksheet. I just want to hit a keyboard shortcut rather than endlessly choosing "File > Recalculate Active Worksheet."
  2. Ah! I was unaware of the entire cadre of worksheet functions that extract data from objects. Obvious in retrospect. Magnificent. So many possibilities. Thanks.
  3. Being a nube, I'm baffled by something which is likely simple. Let's say I'm building custom fences entirely from 2x4s. A lot of fences. They're fancy enough that none of VW's fence or rail objects will do the trick. I have to generate my own objects. When I'm done, how do I determine the linear footage of material required? I'm familiar with parametric objects, records, worksheets, but try as I might, I can't figure out how to accomplish this. As I'm just starting the project, I'm open to pretty much any approach. Thanks.
  4. When I adjust the slope of a Rail object, its frame members detach from the its post to a greater or lesser degree. Is this simply a limitation of the object, or have I done something stupid?
  5. I'm attempting to print a viewport on A3+ paper. I've set the sheet layer's Page Setup correctly, and the viewport displays correctly within its page boundary. When I print, the content is 200-400% larger than the page. I get a fragment. Exporting to PDF works but is a nuisance. I'd appreciate any advice.
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