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  1. I'm noticing that in Vectorworks 2022, the plant count function is providing both the number of plant records present and the number of plant objects present. For example, I have 25 trees, shown in 5 different plant object groups. The plant count function tells me I have 30 trees, because it is adding these up, when in fact I only have 25 trees in 5 groups. How can I prevent this with criteria, or is this is fault in the function?
  2. I am trying to use the Existing Tree Tool and I want to turn off the tag. I've read in other Vectorworks forums that I can "get plant data" to select a species and "set the tag class" of the existing tree to turn it off. By in the object info palette that I have in Vectorworks 2021, there is no "get plant data" option under the existing tree tool and there is no tag class option. I am using landmark 2021.
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