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  1. Thank you for getting back to me. I was afraid that might be an issue. The CD for 12.0.1 loaded fine. Not sure what I am missing with the upgrade, it's been so long. A few things are not right and I have forgotten what I customized in my various settings. It's going to be a process. Thanks again.
  2. My computer was hacked so had to reload 12.0 Landmark from the disc but I cannot find a working download for the update to 12.5. The VW site has a download link but nothing happens when I try to download. I am using Windows 10, updated 6/2021. I can use and open drawings but would like the update that I have been using. I only work sporadically now so I do not need to upgrade. I have just come out of retirement to work on a few small projects. Does anyone have an update (was it ever available by disc? Cannot recall.) that can be shared? I can pay for it.
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