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  1. I'm having the same issue, I followed the steps above about exporting to the default folder, which it worked, so now I can select my custom leaf... BUT it doesn't show up when I use it, It shows up when I Edit 3D component, I attached the two pics of what I see, when I edit the door it self, it allows me to change the color only, I'm unable to see the Iron work in the glass that I made. which is the important part, then the other picture I attached is what it looks like in the model. 3rd attached pic is showing in settings that the custom leave "stained glass" is selected, but just doesn't seem to work.
  2. I found the reason....have to click on the row with all the formulas and add the criteria...wish there was a step by step tutorial on worksheets.
  3. I'm trying to use the preformatted reports on Vectorworks 2020 architect. I click place on drawing and the headers come up. But there's no data of that actual windows or doors when I'm placing either report. When I create my own report it does show what I select, but I like the formatted version of the pre-formatted. Not Sure what I'm doing wrong, it seems like its not reading the information. I even try to edit the database to read the two layers that contain the windows, but still nothing. I can not find any videos on this topic, plenty of videos on how to create your own. But I don't want to go through the long process. and I'm trying to add the IMAGE portion and unable to do that custom. Please help direct me!
  4. newbie mistake, visibility on the classes and layers are separate......duh
  5. I haven’t gotten the mouse yet. But was asking before I do all the work to install. Does pan work on scroll or another button?
  6. VW2021; Imac When I inserted a door into a wall, I can select the wall; but it greyed out the door and won't allow me to select the door to make changes to size or convert it to unstyled. Please help!
  7. Hi there. I just ordered this mouse. Are you on a Mac? Have you figured out how to Pan? Without holding down the space bar?
  8. I did that. But actually found I was using the ore 2018 instructions to create title blocks. I’m all good now. Found a good tutorial.
  9. I watched several videos on how to create the custom title block, placed it in the library of (standard title block) as a symbol. (Note: it says its FINGERPRINTED), not sure if this matters. But when I go to import graphics and change the title block, all the other symbols are there besides the custom one I created, Yes, I ensured that the symbol is on the screen layer. Then I created my own Title Block VWX file, saved it in the DEFAULT Library, right along side the other options of title blocks. But when I got to find it in Vectorworks, it doesn't seem to find it? How do I bring this in?
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