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  1. Dear Islandmon many thanks for your tip. I will try to change the display resolution in VW preference and set the page size. will let you know how it goes. SKR
  2. I am trying to export a small model of a building component to Quicktime VR object. I can't find any option on the export dialoge box for setting the resolution. is there anyway to export this model at higher resolution?
  3. HI all is it possible to change the resolution of the model when I use QT object export option?
  4. I have send the files to tech@nemetschek.net. cheers Shibu
  5. hi I am having some problem with the batch pdf export. I am using vw 12.5 designer. when I try to export some of the saved views to pdf files (using batch export) it simply don't export. actually its not even asking me where ot save the file or anything. any suggestion. I have to send some images urgently to a client and is desperate to get this working by today. cheers Shibu
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