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  1. Thanks for explaining it, Jeff. Using own image might be the simplest way to avoid any further issues.
  2. Hi All, I tried to export a georeferenced image by using the GIS image from VW, but the box of export georeferencing image is grey and i can't tick it. I 've tried other ways, like exporting geo referencing image from a georeferenced file, then i can tick the box but the actual image it export is not georeferenced. Has anyone export a georeferenced image successfully before that could help? Thanks
  3. Hi All, I wonder is there any way that the VW can export georeferenced PDF file? I tried export the georeferenced image, but it only export the jpw file that i can't open it.
  4. I draw a rectangle by typing in 300x100mm, but if I would like to extend the length to 200mm by dragging the edge, the only way I know is to type in 500mm for the total length rather than the 200mm extended length. is there any way that I can drag it by extended dimensions rather than doing the math every time?
  5. In the plant annotation - polygon display, I chose the centers-solid, but don't know why the line displayed as light grey instead of black. The weird thing is I draw the first two with black lines, but after that all the plants I placed displayed as grey even with the same plant style. Does anyone have any idea of what happened?
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