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  1. I would be lost with out the wheel zoom. On my Logitech I have to hold the option key to zoom in and out. I also always pan with the space bar down to drag the drawing. Using these two methods is very quick. I also have the right button to ESC and the wheel click returns to 2D select. No matter what mode a right and center click gets me out and ready for my next command.
  2. Rick, Thank you very much. It works perfect!!!! This is my new line command.
  3. This is a great idea! When this check box is selected you update the viewport manually not automatically. Half the time I don't understand why the viewport is updating. The trouble with using the rendered bitmap is if you do make a change later you have to delete and replace each image. I do use rendered bitmaps for special covers sometimes exporting them out to Photoshop to make them perfect then importing. You can get incredible results.
  4. Jonathan, Thank you that is exactly what I wanted. I only have to click one and they all minimise at once. I have all the pallets open all the time with all the commands on the top level on a second screen so suggestion is really going to help me.
  5. I have software called "little snitch" that tells me anytime any information is sent from my machine. I have never had an alert while using VW. Adobe is the worst. I have no idea what they are trying to get but they never get it from my machine.
  6. Does anyone know how to do this? It would really be handy to be able to get rid of all the pallets when viewing two documents inside VW or another progam while inside VW without turning off each pallet one at a time. Thanks,
  7. I have the same problem. Mine works just like bc. If I really need help on something I just keep trying until it works.
  8. Robert, 1. Which road tool? (there are several) Roadway (NURBS) 2. What exactly do you mean by "turn off the class visibility"? Class Visibilities Check Invisible - Class named Road I was finally able to send the file to Tech. It is named "Road Bug". Check it out. BTW - Is there an FTP address to send files to Tech? Thanks,
  9. I have just started using the road tool and am really impressed with the tool, however, if I turn off the class visibility it goes away but won't come back. If I draw an new road then the old one will reappear. Also sometimes it's fill is turned off. If I rotate it in 3D then go back to plan view the fill comes back. I finally messed around enough to crash VW. This is my first crash in 11.5. I tried to send the file but for some reason it won't send via email. Can we FTP files to tech? Thanks for the help.
  10. What I want is to just be able to use the line tool and draw two segments with three clicks, just like I do now with the wall tool. Right now I am still suprized everytime when I click on that third click and start drawing a new line instead of finishing drawing the second segment.
  11. I would like a preferences check box to change the behavior of the line tool to draw continuous segments the same way the wall tool or the polygon tool works. Thanks,
  12. Now that I've composed myself... =-) thanks for the suggestions. Seems odd that their isn't a check box for this somewhere in preferences. I find I just can't get used to a line behaving this way. Everytime I draw multiple segment lines that third click is out in space and I have to esc and move back to the end of first line to start the second segment.
  13. Is there a way to make a line draw continuous segments without clicking the starting point each time. The way the poly line or wall tool works. Thanks
  14. Geez... I have to comment here one more time. You know OS 10 or "Red" as it was called was going to be the next rev of System 9. It was actually a really big deal until it became several years late to market after Scully got the boot. It was a protected kernel OS that was written to take advantage of the PPC risc family for speed. By the time Jobs came back it didn't have a chance. Job's NextStep was then purchased and reworked into OSX and "Red" was tossed out. We'll never know about how great System 10 would have been. Funny all of Scully's big innovations Newton, PPC, and Red are going to be "tears in the rain" as far as Apple goes. I guess maybe it wasn't such a great idea for Scully to fire Jobs after all. Anyway the point is these transitions are painful and if you are in a mission critical environment it makes sense not to be the first to depend on it. Strangely enough I'm really happy with where we ended up so far, especially based on Apple's management history. This company has shot itself in the foot so many time they have no legs left below the knees. I'm NOT going to try to move to Windows again. At the risk of being called an Apple Moony, somehow I think it's going to all work out ok. It's always been the worst, most stupid acting company with a long proven track record of the best, most incredible products. "and those who can not do it will be destroyed on the lathe of heaven"
  15. I use the ESC button extensively, having it as my right mouse button I use it to get out of everything. I'm running the same software revs you are and I don't have any problem. If you hit ESC in the middle of any command it terminates that command. If I hit it after I have double clicked the last wall segment then go back to 2D select everything is ready for next selection.
  16. I'm finally just now getting over the trauma of changing the Apple logo to blue.
  17. If you pull a symbol out of line just a little trying to get it to line up with something it comes out of the wall. If you try to nudge it over the whole wall comes loose. Requires too much trial and error.
  18. If I can keep using this amazing elegant OSX I don't care if it's running on a washing machine engine. Just please don't make me use Windows!
  19. I'm taking an existing texture image and editing the filtered color. So now I have my new color that shows up in the OIP render tab in just the right color. Now when I apply it to my wall it is still in the old color. I've messed with this for several hours over the last few days and know it is something simple but I can't figure it out. Help...
  20. Touring Italy researching some of the world's most interesting Architecture, drinking great wine, eating incredable food, geez... You make me want to buy an iBook just thinking about it.
  21. Mike, I've been watching this thread and I wonder if it is 10.4 related. I have gotten into the habit of saving after every handful of operations so I very rarely see the autosave dialog. I have not seen an "unexpectedly quit" sense upgrading to 11.5 and I've never had OSX crash. This makes me want to wait to upgrade OSX until this kind of stuff gets sorted out.
  22. Thank Delmer you did get me to see why it wouldn't work. If you select the Wall "Type" tool you can't change the prefs. If you click on the Wall tool you can change prefs until you start to draw. With the "type" tool you don't see the prefs icon until you start to draw the wall and then it's already grey. So I can set the offset but here's what I started trying to change the offset for in the first place. When I draw the wall using the offset to the size of the cavity it draws just a tiny bit (3/8" +/-) off of the what the offset amount calls for. So when I trace my main floor walls using "show snap others" to draw the foundation walls they don't line up correctly. The cavity is 4" and the wall offset is 4" so I should be drawing the edge of the cavity right on the edge of my existing wall.
  23. I'm trying to set the "control offset" for a cavity wall. The Wall Presferences is grey and won't let me access it. Help System says I should be able to click on it and open a dialog box while drawing a wall. So what weird thing am I over looking now? Thanks
  24. I think I have it figured out. Sac I did just what you suggest. After the auto roof tool fails I take what I have and ungroup. Then use the face tool only. Draw 2D guide lines, cut them, edit the roof face, paste the guide line in place, make the edits, delete the guide lines, and exit the edit. It works but is a lot of time and effort. That auto roof tool is really valuable. Robert says a future update will fix it's problems and no more "too complex" error messages. Thanks to everyone, you guys are alright.
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