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  1. Oh well I guess I will set up the workflow for manual cleanup. Thank you for the help Zoomer!
  2. Oh, by default 2 sided materials were created but they just covered up the core problem... with inside-out meshes, lightmapping will produce unusable results, that's why I need to fix the meshes somehow... I hoped for an automated way because manual labor is both slow and expensive.
  3. I'm an Unreal developer working with a client who created a scene in Vectorworks. My task is to transfer it to Unreal so I used Datasmith. The process works as expected however I end up with meshes which are fully or partially inside-out. (See the attached image of a box.) The issue seems independent from export detail level. I'm using Unreal 4.26 and Vectorworks Spotlight 2021 SP3 1 (Build 588748) 64 bit.


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