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  1. Hi All, I’m running a one person (European) cabinet shop, working mostly for architects or small project developers. The custom, flexibel and personal approach is very important to differentiate my shop from the bigger cabinet making companies. It is not my goal to expand a lot in terms of expensive CNC or employees. I’m also sharing a wood shop with 2 other cabinet- and furniture makers so an extra pair of hands when needed is always nearby. So clean and precise 2d drawings on part/panel level is key in my wood shop to allow quickly help from others. I made a career switch from a mechanical 3d designer, working with Inventor and Autocad for over 10 years, to a cabinet maker 3 years ago. So I got a bit experience with (non)parametric CAD. After using Sketchup, fusion 360, Blum Dyna, Autocad and some free plugins for my cabinet designs, It’s now time to invest in a dedicated cabinet software to reduce the time of creating, design and drawings for approvals, production drawings and cutlists. Vectorworks Interiorcad came on my radar and I'm now gathering some experiences and answers. It would be great to find them here: - How does designing in VW (3D) compare to paramtric designing in e.g Inventor, fusion with assemblies, parts and constraints? - Is it possible to generate easily a set of 2d drawings on part/panel and sub-assembly level - Does interiorcad have/keep an up to date catalogue from leading fitting brands like Blum, Hettich, HÄfele? - Can you create custom cabinet fittings/parts/connectors with a related hole pattern in the panels? - Is it possible to generate printable lables togheter with the cutlust? Tank you for your advice and other insights. Best W
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