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  1. I have emailed you a copy of the file....I have put the stations where I want them....but did not create the proposed DTM...so you can see what I have to start. Thank you.
  2. Modifiers box is grayed out when I first try to create the proposed DTM. After the proposed DTM gets "created" if at all (sometimes it hangs, sometimes it crashes) then I can check the all modifiers box...but the results are the same. NOTE: I did update to 11.0.1 version. I was able to get a proposed DTM with the polyline toold..but it does not look like it should at all. 11.0.1 update did fix one of my problems with the road from NURBS. I can now get stakes at every point I specify.....I can make NURBS work...but I have to calculate manually every station elevation . AND I can not get the Fence that was created with the NURBS to work correctly to adjust the terrain as it should be. The new terrain is ony following the pad that was created from the road.
  3. I have done just that...the only difference between what you told me to do and what I was doing is I placed my driveway on another layer..you said to do it on the DTM layer. My results were the same....it did not work...I have run Norton to make sure everything is OK on my end and it came through great. so it does not appear that something corrupt on my drive is causing a problem....any other ideas?
  4. I was using the road from Polyline. I called tech support on Friday and talked with Chris Rodgers. Over the phone we went through it step by step, and I still was not getting the road to render on a proposed DTM. Chris had me send him the file. He looked at it & sent me an email that said "I received your file and looked at it. I will need to speak to the engineer about this. He has not been here all week due to his vacation. As soon as he comes back, I will consult with him about this and will either email you or call you on what is happening." I also had posted my problem on the list server and got input from Patrick Higgins...and he suggested I use roads from NURBS. I have been partially successful with it. Even though I tell it to place stations every 10'...they do not show up (using Road from NURBS), and I have not figured out how to Align Stations using NURBS. If it would help, and can forward all the correspondence I have received and sent so far. As you can guess...I still need to resolve my problem...and very soon.....I need to create a existing and proposed map for a Wetland Crossing Permit for the culvert for my driveway. My Septic Plan Approval by the State will be on hold until I get this done. I am using OS X.3.4 on a 17" PowerBook G4 1.33 GHz
  5. I have been trying to create a road in DTM. I get all the stations set to the proper elevation, and when I have it Update the DTM the program goes into never never land. Nothing happens. I do not have a large DTM...it should not do this. I started having problems with a file I already had from VW8.5, and could not get that to work right...so I started a new file in VW11 and started over from scratch. I have used the tutorial CD & followed the book.....and have not been able to make my road and show the new terrain. I have already spent a week playing around to see if I can make this work. I want to resolve my problem....PLEASE HELP
  6. Andrew..in essence.....that is what EvB and I already have done to complete that needed task. In my case, I use it often...and it becomes quite a daunting task.
  7. EvB, I think you hit the nail on the head (glad you did not get your thumb ) My intial use for this tool is designing with Logs. I "stack" logs, but then need to cut openings for windows. (My Logs are not recognized as walls) Some logs are not cut through completely, but those that are cut "in half" would want to be recognized as 2 objects so as to facilitate the size and quantity of logs needed. I have found many other places that this tool could be used, but the logs/windows started it all for me. OH...I did find the name of the Engineer that had sent me an email about tools for Log Home design....John Kerr..that was back in 1999.
  8. Yes, but instead use 1 3D object to cut into more than 1 other 3D object at the same time...leaving any object that was totally cut to be left with 2 seperate objects (new objects will then have their own object info.) Also a couple of year ago one of the other Software Engineers sent me an email asking me to tell him what I would like to see in Log Home tools....He thought it would be a great nitch. I am working on designs for my Log Home, and have had to learn some tricks that could possibly be done with special tools. I can not remember the Engineers name...I think it was maybe Mike...and I think the last name began with "G" Gerr? I do not know if you are even the one to work on these kinds of tools...but I figured I would pass it along anyway
  9. I would like to see a tool that will allow cutting multiple 3D objects....like subtracting solids....except that more than one object could be cut into with only 1 other object. Objects that are totally cut would then be treated as 2 objects.
  10. Peter, I figured it out. using your explaination...I played around with the parameters for the DOOR object. Thank you! Now all I have to do is add some trim around the window and I am all set!
  11. No, I am wanting a exterior metal door with 1 window in the door.
  12. quote: Originally posted by CipesDesign: Tim, You cab use the Plugin called "door" (probably in the 'objects' palette), set the "stile & rail" settings for the part of the door that isn't glass, then set the 'class settings>door glazing" to Glazing style 1, which is "clear" by default. Peter Cipes Residential Designer Ashland, Oregon Thank you Peter, but I am looking for a flush door with 1 window. And with a flush door ...the stile & rail settings are grayed out. Any other ideas?
  13. OK, I just got my v11 on Saturday, I am trying to find a door with a window in the Resources, and can not find? I had some in v8. Am I looking too hard? Someone please help this Blind Idiot (If I really am not seeing them)
  14. quote: You can all the logs together and then subtract the cube from the solid addition. The success of the solid addition may be based upon how he logs are placed wrt each other - are they touching? The logs are touching, and I need to keep the logs separate. Once I cut into the log I want to be able to know what the size of the new pieces are. I want to be able to still manipulate the pieces after they are "cut"
  15. I have just upgraded to V11 from 8.5! LOOKS GREAT so far! There was one thing I tried to do with 8.5, that I was sure would be resolved in this version and maybe it has, but I have not figured it out yet. I am working on a Log Home design, and because my logs are not seen as walls, when a window or door is placed in the proper location, the opening is not automatically cut. I have worked around this by placing a cube in the position where the window or door will go, then duplicating it with DUPLICATE ARRAY for as many logs as I need to cut into, and then ... one-by-one.......cut into the log(SUBTRACT SOLIDS). This is VERY time consuming. I need to be able to cut into multiple 3D objects with one simple command. I have looked at the COOKIE CUTTER, but am unsure how to make this work (if it will work). I have to use the same "cutting" technique to create the Gable Ends by cutting into the logs. Again this is very time consuming. Any ideas on how to cut multiple 3D objects with 1 3D object?
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