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  1. Thank you Ray for your suggestion. I looked into this...and still no luck! Sad to say, this does not seem to be a factor, as the files in question all are set to "one page" as printable area. However, one other thing I have noticed; the margins for top/bottom and left/right were mysteriously flipped. I changed them...still spooling the extra foot of paper! But could there be soem sort of "rotate' feature that I am not aware of? Still perplexed, John James
  2. Hello Katie, Well, I've done just as you have suggested, and no luck! It still spools out the extra foot of paper. It seems to be linked to the custom paper size, as I tried printing the file out of pre-set size ANSI D, and it didn't print out the extra paper. (However, our margins don't work with ANSI D and we have used the custom size of 22W and 35H with a 270 Rotation set on the plotter. Our margins are .25 Left and Right, .68 Top and Bottom. ) I've tried deleting and then recreating the custom paper size...no luck either! John James
  3. This is a funny thing that happens on about 1 out of every 3 drawings in our 10 person firm using Mac OS 10.2.6 and VectorWorks 10.1.2. On these "special" files in question, the HP spews out an extra 6 to 12 inches of paper. The problem seems confined to specific files, and defies all atempts to solve it! The settings are all the same for every file, (our paper size in the plotter is set to "software"), yet 2 seemingly identical files will plot differently, one correctly, the other with this extra paper attached that must be trimed. Both time and rescorces are wasted (and fingers trimed!); does anybody know what the problem might be?


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