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  1. If you are in Auckland feel free to come and see as at Alloy Yachts, would be glad to show you how we use Vectorworks. Please contact me if interested deanf@alloyyachts.co.nz
  2. Is there any way to unfold a 3D surface. I have a set of stairs that runs around a 90? corner and each step and riser is folded from 5mm matal. to find the true shape I need to unfold them, can it be done. Thanks for any help Dean
  3. When you goole it it came back with Softdesk Drafix Cad file. I don't know this program but there was something on the Autodesk help pages http://discussion.autodesk.com/thread.jspa?threadID=255545 Hope this helps Dean
  4. The Driver is 5.35 The file is 5.82mb
  5. Still not able to print, and now another file is doing the same thing. Is there a limit to the number of view ports on one sheet?
  6. We have file in the office that will not print completely. There are two sheets one prints ok the other only prints nine out of the twelve view port on it. VW 11.0.1 Win 2000 P4 2.8 with 1 gig ram Printer HP800 on net work Have try printing from other machines with on change.
  7. If you have a viewport in the wrong sheetlayer just high light go into OIP and change the sheetlayer in the layer drop down, don't copy paste
  8. We have been trying to dimension a 3d model. We tried in a view port set as front view and dimensioned in the view port. The wireframe view works alright but when you render the model seems to change size and none of the dimensions line up with the model anymore. VW 11 Win 2000 Video drivers are all up to date
  9. I have a problem when joining round walls to straight walls. The round wall disappears no matter what the join settings are on. We have tried on a few machines in the office and all the same results. Win 2000 VW 11 Any idears.
  10. NO PETER Only part of the drawing inside the viewport shows...Right
  11. Has anyone noticed that when making a viewport with a circle, only part of your drawing shows through the viewport.
  12. We had the same problem in our office, got round it by shuting down VW restarting and printing straight away, it seemed to be the lenght of time VW was on. Haven't seen the problem since going to v11.
  13. DeanF


    I'm on Win 2000 PC with VW v11
  14. How do I dimension an arc or circle in a view port without going back to the drawing area? It doesn't seem to pick them up
  15. Is anyone have problems with symbols with circles in them. The circles disappear when zooming into them. Makes snapping to them hard.
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