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  1. Hi - I hope DG is paying attention to these posts. The Vectorworks Users forum (http://peach.ease.lsoft.com/archives/vectorworks-l.html) has had plenty to say about this topic. Printing is a general area where VW needs much improvement. ------------------ d. s h a f f e r a r c h i t e c t
  2. Hello M A H E N D R A A - Not knowing exactly what you are after ('stepped cylindrical shell?') it is a little difficult to give you advice on how to create this form. If you want to create a model of a roof that has 'vault' like curves, you can draw a 2D polygon that is the form of the roof section you are after and extrude it when in a SIDE or FRONT view. Can you be more descriptive of what you would like to do? thanks, ------------------ d. s h a f f e r a r c h i t e c t k c m o u s a
  3. Hi - I apologize in advance for posting this message to this site, but considering that making .pdf files is one of the only ways to get plots using VW, I feel justified. My plotting service bureau is having a hard time with .pdf files. They use an Oce 9800 plotter and a DEMO version of a driver that allows them to process Acrobat 3.0 files. They say that a full (licensed) version would cost $3000 US. Does anyone know of particular drivers for the 9800 that work well with Acrobat 4.0 files? I am using Adobe Acrobat (Distiller) 4.0 to create .pdf files. Does anybody out there send .pdf files to an Oce 9800 plotter with good results? If so, would you be willing to share your Distiller settings? I am having difficulty with inconsistant line weights. They seem to vary depending not only on the orientation of the line (i.e. vertical vs. horizontal vs. diagonal) but there is also variation between parallel lines. In this case, it seems that the plotter is not 'registering' well with the Acrobat file. frustrated, ------------------ d. s h a f f e r a r c h i t e c t k c m o u s a
  4. Yes. I have noticed that just quitting the program helps. Either way, I hope DG figures this one out. ------------------ d. s h a f f e r a r c h i t e c t k c m o u s a
  5. I STRONGLY AGGREE WITH POINT #1 AND #2. ------------------ d. s h a f f e r a r c h i t e c t k c m o u s a
  6. I STRONGLY AGGREE WITH POINT #1 AND #2. ------------------ d. s h a f f e r a r c h i t e c t k c m o u s a
  7. Hi - Will 8.5.2 be in the form of an updater, or are we going to have to download a 30MB file? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let it be an updater!! thanks - ------------------ d. s h a f f e r a r c h i t e c t k c m o u s a
  8. Brian - I have had an email exchange with Robert Anderson regarding this issue, but thought you might have a different insight. Below is the text from the latest email sent by Robert. Note that text preceded by ">" was written by me (Doug), the rest was written by Robert. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Could this be related to the dimensioning door bug? >I don't think I have been clear enough about how often the 'locus' points >seem to occur. Here is what I am seeing. First, zoom in so that the trim >on either side of a door jamb appears to be about 1/2 of full scale. If I >understand correctly, the snap points of component parts of a door object or >symbol should be the same as the snap points of similar elements that are >not symbols. For example, the rectangle that indicates the trim at a door >jamb should have eight snap points: the four CORNERS and the four CENTERS of >each side. However, when I move my cursor along even the short dimension of >the trim rectangle, there appear to be many (10? 20?) snap points. The >smart cursor snaps to each of these points and and the word 'locus' appears >at each one. Doug, I most emphatically am -not- seeing this effect with VW. Maybe a clean install of VW and VA is called for here? (If you do, remember to backup your critical preferences files per the VA manual appendix page A-20.) >I regularly use the data display bar to place components precisely. The >problem is that I can't seem to grab a window or door at a precise point (a >corner of trim, for example) in order to move it precisely. ------------------ d. s h a f f e r a r c h i t e c t k c m o u s a
  9. Hi - With regards to your first question "sides on a DTM", I too followed the procedure for creating them and ran in to the same offset issue. After several attempts at creating sides, I realized that after creating the DTM, I had moved it in order to align with other layers properly. My solution was to 'delete' the DTM (see the DTM pallette), move the 3D loci I was using to generate the DTM to their proper location relative to other layers, THEN create the DTM. After this process, the sides could be drawn properly. Diehl folks - It would be of great benefit to us all if 'sides' on a DTM could be created using a command under the DTM pallette. The process outlined by tech support is much too time consuming. Thanks and good luck, ------------------ d. s h a f f e r a r c h i t e c t k c m o u s a
  10. Hi again - here are a couple of questions about VW ARCHITECT Windows and doors. (I don't know if these apply to 8.5 standard doors and windows) 1. How do I make the panel in a door transparent when viewed in quickdraw? I have made a 7'-0" x 3'-6" door with: no. panels vert.: 1 no. panels horz.: 1 top stile: 1'0" bottom stile: 1'0" LR stile: 1'0" SHOW 3D Detail button is CHECKED 2. When I place doors and windows, there seem to be an infinite number of 'locus' points that are created and associated with it. They are not visible in 2D or 3D views, but when the cursor is brought over the door or window, it is extremely difficult to snap to a significant point because there are locus points all around and very nearby. thanks for any help! ------------------ d. s h a f f e r a r c h i t e c t k c m o u s a
  11. Hi - I can't quite figure out how the VW Architect stair tool works. I am able to enter all of the criteria for a stair (width, floor to floor height, etc.) but am having trouble actually placing the stair relative to other objects. For example, when I create a double-back stair in 'top/plan' view then grab a corner of the landing and try to place it where two walls meet at a corner, it wants to snap to one of the walls and become associated with it. Often it will re-orient 90 degrees when doing this. Is there any way to keep stairs from snapping to walls? thanks, ------------------ d. s h a f f e r a r c h i t e c t k c m o u s a
  12. Hi again - I am working on a model in which I want to butt together two seperate windows that I created using the VW Architect window buttons. The windows are different sizes, operate differently, etc. and there fore can not be created using the complex window function. The problem I am running into is that when two seperate windows are butted together THAT HAVE A FRAME DEPTH LESS THAN THAT OF THE WALL THICKNESS, there is an infinitely thin plane (the same depth as the wall) between the two windows. I can put a patch over this plane in 2D, but it shows up in 3D - very annoying. thanks ------------------ d. s h a f f e r a r c h i t e c t k c m o u s a
  13. Hi - Is it possible to match the settings of VW Architect doors and windows that have been placed in a file? I would like to be able to create a door or window using the VW Architect palettes, modify it using the Object Info pallette, and then be able to place other windows or doors that have identical characteristics WITHOUT CREATING A SYMBOL. I guess I am looking for an 'eye-dropper' like tool that will pick up all of the attributes of a particular window/door (including height, width, # mullions, etc.) thanks, ------------------ d. s h a f f e r a r c h i t e c t k c m o u s a
  14. Hi - How do I turn off the threshold lines that appear at doors when they are placed using VW Architect? thanks ------------------ d. s h a f f e r a r c h i t e c t k c m o u s a
  15. Hi there - I just created my first DTM and am wondering how to give it 'sides' - as if it were extruded from a flat plane that has the same footprint as the DTM. (like shown in the .pdf DTM Manual) I assume this is possible. ------------------
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