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  1. Hi - I noticed that when I make a PIO 'Window' and check the "Corner Window" box, that the "Custom" Sash option (and all other sash options) are greyed out. Am I doing something wrong, or is the only "Corner" window sash option "Fixed Glass"? Thanks -
  2. Hi - I imported a vector based PDF into a new VWArchitect 2015 and I can't snap to endpoints. I have verified that all options are selected in the Snapping palette. To be sure, I imported the same PDF into VWArchitect 2014 and was able to snap to it as expected. Any ideas? Thanks -
  3. Hi, Jim - I sent you the file earlier today. Have you had a chance to take a look at it? Thanks - Doug
  4. Hello - I am having trouble referencing PNG files with transparent backgrounds. I used to do this often when using VW2013, but we upgraded to VW2014 and it is not working properly. Instead of the transparent areas of the PNG showing up as transparent, they come in as solid BLACK. To explain our process, when working on old hand drawn buildings, we often scan the original drawings, convert the file to PNG then make all "white" areas of the PNG transparent. We then import (reference) these in to Vectorworks and are able to apply color fills "below" the PNG and the background fills will show through, but not cover up the black lines of the scan. Thanks for any help you can offer. Doug
  5. Hello - I am looking for a hatch that mimics a cobblestone pattern that lays out in a fan pattern. They are common in Europe and look like +/- 2 meter wide fans arranged in a repeating pattern. Any sources? Thanks
  6. Thanks for everyone's responses. I'll try a few of these things and report back soon.
  7. Hello, Yoginathaswami - I've tried that each time I've had the problem. Perhaps it temporarily fixes the problem, but usually it crashes again within another week's time. The interesting thing is that I get the same permissions error every time. I don't recall exactly what it is, but it is something regarding Java and some some string of letters that should be another string of letters. Do you think it might have something to do with Java? Thanks,
  8. Unfortunately, I'm not sure... I have been working on only one project for quite some time now. It contains a bunch of references, viewports, annotations, etc.. I presume that there is not a fast way of recreating a complex file? Thanks -
  9. I continue to have crashes that bring down my whole system. And there is no particular sequence of events that leads to the crash, but it only happens when I'm using Vectorworks. I'll simply moving my cursor, and half way across the window, it will freeze. Other seemingly innocuous actions lead to freezes, too. I've enquired about this on this forum and the other more official looking one, and haven't been able to find a solution. To be fair, we have another computer with the exact same specs in the office that is not having this problem, so it's possible that it's just my particular installation, or perhaps the file that I'm working on. Both of the machines used Migration Assistant to transfer information from old to new computers. After talking with tech support, I promise to never to do that again. It would be VERY cumbersome to recreate the file and probably easier to re-install vectorworks. Is there anything I need to be concerned about if I do this?
  10. Nevermind. I just found the 2D J-Bolt tool. Thanks anyway!
  11. Hi - I am using the J-Bolt tool for the first time. I only need it in 2D. It appears that some of the lines get drawn at 100 percent opacity, while others are something less than 100 percent. I can change the color of the bolt, but I can not make it dashed. When printed, it just doesn't look very good. Is there a way to control the graphic representation to any greater degree? Or is there another tool that would make a better looking 2D J-Bolt? Thanks -
  12. VW2013 SP3 Mac - OSX 10.8.3 Hey, everyone - I originally submitted this to Nemetschek via the appropriate channels, and now that I've installed SP3, I discovered that I had to do so again. Mark Stech-Novak saw this problem, back then. (scroll down to see my original post at the bottom of this one) Is anyone else experiencing this? If so, this is getting ridiculous. Is this problem really that hard to fix? Am I the only one that works using rotated views? Here is the text I submitted. It's pretty lengthy, but if you have experienced the problem you'll get what I'm talking about right away. Hello - I submitted this as a bug after VW2013 was released, then after SP1, then after SP2, now (AGAIN) SP3. Is this really that hard to fix? I am working on a complex project with many non-90 degree angles and this bug continues to drive my batty. Please fix it for SP4! 1. ?Create a design layer at 1/4" = 1'-0" scale. 2. ?Draw several misc. rectangles, lines, etc. 3. ?Select all of these objects and Group them. 4. ?Rotate the view (to 17 degrees, for example) 5. ?With, for example, the upper left handle selected in the Object Info Palette, resize the object using the object info palette. 6. ?BUG - The location of the object does not change relative to the upper left corner of the group. ?The object is moved to a random, but consistant, incorrect location. Depending on the size of objects, number of objects in the file, the amount of offset varies. Other manifestations of this bug (Possibly) 1. ?Create a design layer at 1/4" = 1'-0" scale. 2. ?Draw several misc. rectangles, lines, etc. 3. ?Select all of these objects and create a Symbol. 4. ?Rotate the view (to 17 degrees, for example) 5. ?Double click to "edit" the symbol. 6. ?BUG - Note how the symbol does not edit in place - that is, the view jumps off to a seemingly random location. 1. ?Create a design layer at 1/4" = 1'-0" scale. 2. ?Rotate the view (to 17 degrees, for example) 3. Draw a rectangular polygon (NOT A RECTANGLE) and select it. To make the bug clear, the rectangle should be oriented so that it is square relative to the screen. 4. Select the "2D Reshape" tool. 5. ?Select the center handle (8 re-shape handles mode), hold the SHIFT key and try to drag side of the polygon perpendicular to that side. 6. ?BUG - the side of the polygon will snap to some seemingly random angle, but will not be perpendicular. 1. ?Create a design layer at 1/4" = 1'-0" scale. 2. ?Rotate the view (to 17 degrees, for example) 3. Draw any object (line, circle, rectangle, polygon, etc) 4. "Cut" the object 5. ?Click on any spot in the drawing. 6. "Paste" the object 6. ?BUG - The object does not paste where the click (in step 5) was made. (If the view is not rotated, the object pastes in a spot centered on the step-5 click) There are other issues, but I have a feeling fixing any of these will fix them all. On Fri, 16 Nov 2012 10:45:58 -0800, MARK STECH-NOVAK wrote: >YES !!! This is a real problem. I have a BIG project where everything is oriented to the spokes of a wheel and all work needs be done in rotation view. Resizing is nearly impossible without things flying off into space. > >If you have the misfortune to have to use imported Autocad objects, you cannot drop them into a drawing when rotated as they will explode and you'll find bits and pieces all over the plan. > > >MARK STECH-NOVAK >Restaurant Consultation & Design >mark@msnrcd.com >www.msnrcd.com > > > On Nov 16, 2012, at 10:27 AM, Doug Shaffer wrote: Hello - We are working on a couple of projects that have elements that are not oriented to 0 / 90 / 180 / 270 degrees. Typically, to work on elements like these, I rotate the plan view on the screen so that those elements align with up / down / left / right on the monitor. This simplifies drawing rectangles, lines, etc. as wells as entering angles, lengths, etc. However, when I create a group and resize it using the object info palette, the group gets moved to a seemingly random location. For example, if the group is 10' x 10' and I resize it to 15' x 10' (having selected the upper left handle in the object info. palette) the entire object moves from it's original location. That is, the "X" and "Y" fields in the object info. palette change randomly. This ONLY occurs when I am in a rotated view. The "X" and "Y" fields do not change when the view is not rotated. This did not occur in Version 2009. Also, and perhaps this related, I have noticed that when I copy an object, click on a point on the screen, then "paste" (not "paste in place") the object does not show up where I clicked. Has this feature changed? Again, this only occurs when the plan view is rotated. Is this a bug? Thanks for any tips.
  13. Hi - I've just learned how to use the Tile tool and I really like it. I've created a 'gravel' tile pattern and I'm wondering if the file size is greatly increased the more complex the tile pattern is? Or is there any affect on overall file size if the density of the individual elements within the tile pattern are relatively small? I ask this question because we have a few hatches that when used in a file, the PDF's that are created from that file are HUGE. Simply replacing the hatch with a substitute can have a very big effect on the file size. Thanks - Doug
  14. Thanks, michaelk. Where would I find a crash log, and how I "keep activity monitor running"? I noticed that Adobe is trying to automatically install the latest version of Reader and I've been ignoring it. Perhaps this is related?
  15. Thanks for your response, CipesDesign. The file is about 39MB and I am pretty sure that it was first created in version 2012. I am using VW Architect walls, window and door PIOs, etc. but not for 3D use.
  16. Hello - Twice today, VW2013 has frozen my iMac to a point where it can not force quit anything. The clock gets stuck on the time of the crash, and I have to hold down the power button to re-start. Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions on what to do about it?
  17. Thanks, Christiaan - I think I had this one, or one very similar, that ended up bogging down files because of the many layers that make it up. It looks great, though. I'll give it a try and see what happens. Doug
  18. Thanks, Matt - I've tried using tiles for other things, but haven't gotten the hang of it. I'll watch the tutorial and give it a shot.
  19. Hello, everyone - I know that many people over the years have requested good "gravel" hatches (among others). I still have not found one that behaves well. Does anyone have one you would be willing to share? I have tried using the "stipple" tool, which creates a very nice representation of what I'm looking for, but when several areas of stipple are placed in a design layer, the file gets much slower. That is, zooming becomes tedious. (...and why after all these years does the hatch tool remains so user-unfriendly?) Doug
  20. Here's the problematic file. Thanks for your help!
  21. Hi, mk - Tools>Utilities>Reset All Plug-Ins does not update the stamp. Closing and opening the file does not work, and quitting VW doesn't work, either. The only thing that seems to work is changing a parameter within the plug-in object. Weird. Any clues?
  22. When I click on it nothing happens. If I enter the symbol then exit again, nothing happens. To get it to change, I have to select it and change a parameter. (then change it back.) Thanks for any advise -
  23. Hi - I have never used the Data Stamp tool until today, but it appears that it is not working properly. When I create a PDF file or send directly to the printer the date and time do not update. I have "Reset all plug-in objects that require a reset..." checked in both the create PDF and Print dialog boxes. The particular instance of the data stamp that I am referring to is within a symbol that we have for our title block. Also (perhaps this is a clue) the data stamp does not update when I close then open the file again. Any help is appreciated.
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