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  1. @michaelk This version worked! Thank you so much. I am 95% there but I have another question. How did you get the polylines to be named Loop 1, Loop 2, and Loop 3? Below is a picture of my current progress. So I have each loop length but I want to label them 1 to 8 from left to right. How would I go about this? Thank you so much again!
  2. @michaelk Hello! Thank you for your reply. I tried opening this and it won't open. I can only access vwx files. They are lines and rectangles. Thanks!
  3. Problem: See the attached images. I have 3 loops with couplings. I want to know the length of each loop (including the coupling) and need to create a table as shown below. I have spent hours trying (unsuccessfully) to create a worksheet in my drawing. I can get the worksheet to show up but I can't get anything to sum right and I am really frustrated. I looked at other posts on this website but haven't found any good examples yet. I feel like what I am trying to do is very simple and I just need help finding a video or a more detailed post. If anyone can help me I would be so grateful. :( Thanks.


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