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  1. The accessories were/are mainly THs (static Accessories) they are the standard accessories that ship with VW. Dont think Ive modded them at all, because they are still called 159mm TH (in Metric some of these numbers are just stupid!) and I would have changed the name if I was serious. Hugh
  2. Hi Ben, Thanks for that. This actually explains a lot. After imports the number of Accessories was always multiplying (still dont know what was forcing it to do that. So I would always get another TH (or 2 0r 4) on those lights. At some point I obviously did a Merge into LW not taking the UID with it... So then the whole thing just fell apart. Its weird. This is one of the 3 drafting jobs Im doing at the moment and its the only one that did this Accessory multiplication. Anyway, Ben thanks once again for explaining. I have saved that response, so I cant forget it again! yours Hugh
  3. Huge

    Mac III

    Hi, Heres a 2d version... That mesh is way too big. I Havent bothered with a 3D version Hugh
  4. I am drawing a plan and Exporting back and forth between LW 4.18 and VW2008 SP3. I have been confused about constantly finding Orphans in my current drawing after imports. on Investigation i realise that the UID is changing. For example 1078. is the UID in VW 1078. is the UID in LW. So VW must be changing it for some reason, any ideas why? Am I doing something strange here? Is their anything I can do to repair this debacle? Thanks Hugh VW2008 SP3 PC
  5. Just a little update on my story (Katie I was the one who spoke to Julian Carr). My version of Vista is now in total Disarray. Ive rolled back and I now have programs that are installed which Vista dosent think are installed (VW being 1 of them). I am getting regualar shut down and start up problems. Fortunately it dosent crash when its running. THe roll back thing is bad.... If there is any way I can update Vista and still keep VW working that would be great. Might do the next 2 plans first though :-) Strongly suggest only doing this as the last option. Hugh
  6. OK, ive rolled back to the 20/6 and VW works! thanks Ray for that suggestion. Katie thanks also for your help. Bob, sorry for hijacking your topic The next question is, What does this mean in the long run?
  7. Right, Ive removed the 2 Updates to Vista, - no go Ive tried turning off Defender and Firewall - no go Any more ideas?
  8. Yes I have Defender on. I have just found the remenants of Nortons Liveupdate on my computer which I have just removed. Still no luck but I will restart. About Vista updates. Yes I have I would say there have been 4 (2 windows defender updates, a .net update and a Vista update.. (dated 27/6 and 28/6).
  9. Oh by the way My version of Vista is business
  10. The error message is just normally a "Vectorworks Application has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a Solution is Available." Helpful isnt it. I have tried running it as both directly and from the shortcut.
  11. I however found if I right clicked on the shortcut that I had an option to run it as an Administrator. I tried. got a vaguely different message. it said that "windows was looking for a solution" rather than just "this program has stopped working". Significant?
  12. I am the Administrator. OK... That option is greyed out , That would be the case wouldnt it as I am the Administrator.
  13. Katie, Ive tried that.... Shut down all that and more (turned off skype, VAIO update, the protector suite thingy, Still the same...... Hugh
  14. Hi Ok Pllash screen Ive left running for 10 minutesish... Its running now. I get the error when I click on any part of the Vectorworks screen. Ive tried running it with it being the only app. or with others in the background. OK System tray..... Standard Power (im on a laptop)Internet connection, Volume, Mouse,Sidebar Additionally, Skype, AVG Antivirus, Protector Suirte QL (a fingerprint reader), LAN/Bluetooth setup, and VAIO update
  15. Katie, I may have added a download manager for IE, I am a little unclear about what order I have done this in, I Think I had VW running afterwards but that may not be the case. But, I have uninstalled it now. Thanks Hugh
  16. I have been in touch with Julian from OzCad and he suggested the preference removal as well. I had no success either. Hugh
  17. Im suffering from a similar problem. Except I hadnt installed any software. Im running a Core 2 duo with 1gig RAM in Windows Vista. VW 12.5.1 Spotlight. Vectorworks was Working 1 day... not the next. To add to the Dramas, Im in Brazil with no VW Disks and Deadlines looming for Drawings. On startup It just gives the splash screen ( my name and company appear but no licenced products) it will hang there until I click on the VW screen somewhere and then windows tells me ?Vectorworks application has stopped working? Ive tried removing and replacing Quicktime (to version 7.1.6, which people are saying is ok)and replaced the Workspaces. Ive tried starting by opening an existing drawing, through the start menu, and then the .exe file itself. Any Ideas? Thanks Hugh
  18. Ray, Thanks a lot for your help. It was a security issue. As Im sure you know Vista has a UAC options inside its user accounts. With that on I couldnt install either VW or antivirus software... etc Anyway all installed now, Thanks for sending me in the right direction
  19. Im an Administrator, and the only user.
  20. My Apologies everyone for not listing that it was a Vista Question in the Topic
  21. Hi, Ive just purchased a new laptop with Windows Vista. And have tried to install VW 12.5.1 onto it. The way I have done this is to install VW 12.1 ( because thats the Disk that I have) and then upgrade it to 12.5.1. It all installs fine ( Vista doesn't complain.... It just does it) Then when I go to start it. I get the following error. "The application failed to initialise properly (0xc0000022). Click Ok......" Ive had a few goes at it. The other thing that is a little weird is that when I go to the Vista "programs" app in Control panel Vectorworks isnt listed Do I need to get hold of a Disk of 12.5.1 or any other Ideas? Thanks Hugh VW 12.5.1 Vista Business. Core Duo 2 Ghz. 1 Gb RAM
  22. Hi, Im using VW12.5SP for windows. I have inserted a whole bunch of PARcans as Multicircuits (as In bars of PARs). It would be great to be able to un-multi them, because im passing the data back and forth to Lightwrite, and the Bars are getting in the way. Is there anyway of permenantly doing this without leaving them as Accessories, and not lose the data associated with the PARcans? Also hoping it will sort out unit numbering, which of course is counting them as Multicircuits. Thanks Hugh
  23. Thanks, It was as I feared.... Wont really do What I want it to But Thanks Anyway Hugh
  24. I am a relatively new user to VW(10.5). I'm Doing transfers of a show with a number of fixtures and a number of scenes. I would like to Colour the Lamp outlines (not the associated text, just the outlines) to register which scene they belong to, and have to be focused to. I have had a play with using Layer Colours.... It colours all the text associated with the lamps and I will have to change the whole 550 lamp rig to follow a new system, along with Channel links, borders, etc. The Idea sends Shivers down my Spine!!!! Does anyone have any ideas Cheers
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