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  1. I meanwhile found out that if you add a locus to your selection, the locus functions as a base point with: flipping cmd-shift-H cmd-shift-V rotating cmd-L cmd-shift-L It would be nice if this same basepoint functionality would be added to the scale-function as well!
  2. Thanks. That one I know. What I would suggest gives two extra features: 1) it gives you the freedom to scale your selected object(s) from a custom basepoint 2) if you don't know the lengths, you can just point out your 'old' length and then your 'new' length. I'd think it's handy 🙂
  3. Hello Kevin, Where do I find this feature? I've never found something like my suggestion with scaling the selected objects in relation to a self chosen basepoint.
  4. What I have been missing so far is a three-click scale tool. I found the new scale tool in VW2020, but unfortunately this is just a 'scale by guessing'-tool. It might be a wonderful extension of this tool if: Click 1 = basepoint Click 2 = referencepoint current length Click 3 = referencepoint new length Expecially when I am fitting a scanned drawing, or some PDF underlay, this would really come out handy! Thanks for reading this 🙂


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