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  1. We have had this issue on 2 machines now. Both PCs, both with 2 gigs of memory and lots of free hard drive space. On the first machine, I ended up reformatting the drive and reinstalling everything as nothing I did seemed to work. Our second machine went down moments ago. I tried replacing the workspace as suggested with the backed up versions, presto. things work again. I will let you know if things go down again.
  2. I am having some issues getting the Custom Tool/Attribute tool working for walls in VW12. Previously it seemed that you could create a script that would allow for wall properties including class and width set by creating a custom tool for each particular wall setting. I have tried numerous ways to set this in VW12 using the custom tool/attribute tool and have now gotten the width of the wall to work for each wall type but cannot get the walls to default too different classes. The script created and modified is as follows Procedure CustTool; VAR Name:STRING; Result:BOOLEAN; BEGIN PushAttrs; ClearCavities; DoubLines(6"); PenSize(20); PenPat(2); SetZVals(0", 0"); PenFore(255); PenBack(0); PenPat(2); FillFore(66); FillBack(48); FillPat(1); PenSize(20); PenPat(2); Marker(0, 0.125000, 15); SetWallWidth(6"); NameClass('Wall-Ext-Frame'); CallTool(-208); PopAttrs; END; Run(CustTool); What do we need to do to change this so that the class will default with a change in tools(classes change) OK now this is weird, I have just created another tool using the all custom tool attributes for another wall. Once again nothing really worked correctly however, now the above one does. What gives? Thanks Cam
  3. Shaun Try checking the rasterize print box when you print to adobe. This should allow overlays to view properly. Works well for us anyways. Cam
  4. I too have been asking for rotatable workplanes both with my local distributor and on this section of the forum. As I have said elsewhere, the lack of a rotatable coordinate system is the single most important issue that needs to be addressed by the design team at Nemetschek. Judging by the number of posts in this section and on the general discussion area (Live Sections) it appears that I am not alone. There is a difference between needs and wants. THIS IS A NEED.
  5. "Actually, Haich, you didn't have to do that if you used those drafting machines with the "rotatable" rulers attached to mechanical arms." The drafting arm was the rotatable UCS, it saved us the time and effort of having to rotate the sheet. A variable UCS system operates in much the same manner allowing one to set and recal a variety of angles which when activated become a temporary coordinate system for the drawing you are working on. I have worked on jobs that benefited from several different coordinate systems. While I appreciate that incorporating a rotatable UCS may require a substantial effort by the programming team at NNA, VW fails to reach it's potential due to its current lack of one. Cam
  6. Put me in the same camp as Haich and RichieHatch I too desperately want to see a rotatable coordinate system built in to the software. We have tried all of the work arounds suggested above and found each of them to be counterproductive. The time one spends rotating information or drawing information that is not orthagonal to the grid leads to both inaccuracies in the drawings and time lost which are both unacceptable. I have worked with both Autocad and Arris in the past and found the coordinate systems employed by both these programs to be far superior to any of the suggestions listed above. The payoff for these rotatable coordinate systems is increased accuracy, less frustration, easier training and much greater efficiency. On the other hand I really am a big fan of VW and would not want to change back to another program but we really do need this. It is in my humble opinion the single most important area requiring work by the VW team.
  7. It appears as though the reference marker within VW11 has changed to not allow no fill as a background for the marker itself. We have tried to change the marker in a number of ways and cannot get the marker to display with no fill and have had to resort to bringing in the reference marker from VW10.5. Am I missing something here or was the VW11 Marker changed for some reason.
  8. When scaling a viewport items such as ID lables it seems as though these items do not scale up or down with the viewport. I realize that one can change the text scale to correct the scale but is there a way to scale the label itself so that detail drawings can contain the wall/door information that is within the parent lower scaled drawing. Any thoughts appreciated.
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