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  1. Hello, My office uses VW for all of our drafting needs and we like it because the drawings look great and graphics are controlled quite easily. However, it seems to be incredibly slow and for years we've just dealt with it. We do not use VW for ANY 3D or rendering work whatsoever, everything we do is just 2D drawing and sheet setup/annotations. We are using VW '19 and I've attached a screenshot of our computer specs. I have scoured message boards and tried all of the optimization techniques out there... I typically have to use the "best compatibility" setting or else I'm staring at beach balls all day. With computers as powerful as (I think) these are, I just don't understand why there seems to be such a struggle with simple drafting work. Our file sizes range from 20mb to sometimes over 100mb. The main source of slowness seems to be multiple viewports referencing other drawings in design space, for example plan drawing viewports to help create interior/exterior elevations. Turning off the layer with the all the reference viewports seems to speed things back up again. Is there a better way to do this? My main question is this: is there a way to streamline the 2D work by removing functions used on the 3D/Rendering side, or are there any more optimization tips out there that people have found helpful? I've read that fusion drives seem to struggle with VW more than solid state. Maybe these computer specs just aren't as good as I think they are? I'm no expert on that topic. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks


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