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  1. Hi there! When I try to update some viewports in my sheet layer the loading bar show me the progress of the update of each viewport but mysteriously a green tab blinking in one of my classes in the classes window. Every time I click update the program start updating the viewport and randomly a class start blinking ( see screenshot ) Nothing bad happens after the program is done updating viewports but it looks weird for me since is the first time I see this happening to me. There is any reason Vectorworks is doing that? thanks in advance
  2. @Stephan Moenninghoff I just made the ticket at the extragroup webpage you recommend. one more question, when Im working in Vectorworks using interiorcad the program at some point start working slow, there is any best config to prevent this? Please see my computers specs thanks a lot
  3. Hi @Stephan Moenninghoff yes I do. I have the full interiorcad with the vectorwop activated but our CEO just bought a new HOMAG and we want to make it works but very carefully. I will make a ticket with the options interiorcad showed me. what's the initial setup? thanks
  4. Hi there! Can someone help me figure out what's the best config to export a file to HOMAG model CENTATEQ N-500. I just create a basic cabinet with 1 door USING INTERIORCAD. I tried to export just the cabinets sides top and bottom deck and the program just make a cutting list, but then I added a door so the program allowed me to export like a MPR file. Thanks in advance
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