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  1. Hello guys, I have 300 squares. with 1 meter side. I want to select them and apply a script that randomize its dimensions from center. between .6 and 1. Can someone give me a glimpse to make this? Thanks in advance. Bruno
  2. Hi Guys! I'm from Portugal. In this country we need this feature because of the public construction contractors that need the projects in dwf to measure during the elaboration of its proposals. I've tryed Autodesk drivers and many others but thge process is a mess. Please create a batch plot to dwf like que wonderfull one that you 've made to pdf. Best
  3. My specs are VectorWorks 2008 Designer Imac Intel PC
  4. Hello to all! I have to resolve a big problem in only 2 days. I have to export near 100 designs to dwf format. I've tried to use the virtual printers but it takes a lot of time to make one file and it they take ages to open... Does anyone have the resolution to this problem? Best regards Bruno
  5. Hi, guys! One question. i have a file that as 150 callouts placed pointing to a database that was in a usb drive. Meanwhile I arrived my office and want to point the callouts to a database that I have in my office. Do I need to do this one at a time? Can anyone resolve this issue? Best regards, Bruno
  6. ccroft and Petri, thank's very much for the help! sometimes I have to do stupid routines, that make me crazy with the amount of time wasted, so I've decided that I urgently need to add Vectorscript to my skills! I will be waiting for your kind help once more if the Lasagne burns out! By the way, today I've cooked Lasagne. Isn't that weird? Thanks once more! Bruno
  7. Hello guys, can anyone tell me how can I export to multiple files in dwg a lot of design layers? Is is possible? Thanks in advance, Best regards Bruno
  8. Hello to all! Many thanks for the quick answer! This is a great help, but my problem consists in having multiple widths. I have 5 or 6 different widths and I want to decrease the 24mm in each one. Is it difficult?. Maybe the best is to know where can I learn Vectorscript. Is there a VectorScript for dummies? Or tutorials? Thanks for all the help to this NOOBIE. Best regards Bruno
  9. Hello, I'm a Vectorworks user that doesn't have a clue how to start using Vectorscript in little rutines. Now I have to do a boring job that consists in change the width of 84 rectangles in 24 mm having to put the resize handle in the middle. Does anyone can help me with this task or point some tutorials to know how can I do this? Thanks in advance Bruno
  10. Hi, I've a very simple question. How do I export lines in 3D space, like splines, nurbs or polylines or even polygons into a 3d package like C4D? Thanks in advance
  11. hi, the problem is bigger when I have a fotograph of a elevation of a building and have to scale it to the original size, using a known dimention in the picture. I realy need this qind of tool. is there any other tool in vectorworks that makte the same job? Best regards
  12. hello, I'm a new vectorworks user, and i've been trying to create a simple scale reference tool, since I'm a autocad switcher and it's a very andy tool. The only think that I need is how to create a tool that selects an object, then ask a vector by (asking first point and then the second) and ask for the new size of that vector. Thanks, in advance and if anyone already have something like that tell me plz
  13. Hello, how can I draw a circle with 2 points that r tangent to other circles? Thanks Bruno
  14. Hi, Is someone familiar with the scale reference tool in Autocad? If yes, can anyone tell me some way to make it in vectorworks. I use that mainly with airial photos where I have some information about buildings . thanks, best regards Bruno
  15. Hello, someone can tell me how to make a usual scale reference like in acad? And one more thing... can we scale a symbol? Best regards. Bruno Ferraz
  16. Hi guys, i'm wondering if its possible to copy the workspaces from mac to pc. I'm working in a place, that have the mac version, and its already ajusted to me. Shortcuts, keys, etc. And now I have a PC and want to copy my workspace to this pc. I've tryed and doesn't seems to work. Thanks in advance.
  17. quote: instead of all the duplicating and grouping, which could lead to problems with schedules and file size, use a layer link. it can be flipped, moved, rotated, etc. (after it is unlocked), and used as a trace for sections and elevations. plus its 'hot' so any plan changes are automatically updated... Sorry but I'm a little noob in Vector, how can we do that? Tanks
  18. Hi, is there someone that knows if exists a way in vectorworks 11 to make rotate the plan view in 2D? Like the UCS command in Autocad and then the Plan command to change the view to the UCS. Its very handy in the process of sections. Tanks in advance
  19. ok, many thanks. Can I get that cd in Portugal? Where can I find information about price, contents, etc? best regards, Bruno
  20. Hi, im a new user of vectorworks and im having some kind of dificulty to find some answers to my questions. I have one question that I think is very simple, but didnt fond yet the answer. In Autocad we can simply change the UCS, Ive altedy seen that Vectorworks do the same, but in Autocad I can simpy align the view with the ucs just using the plan command. DOES Vectorworks have a kind of plane command? Please....
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