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  1. Issue 1 I am importing an Autocad 2000 Drawing into VW 10.5 The Scenic Designer hasn't really attached all his objects and symbols to class solids. I select all across all layers and attach all to its class fill delineations ?it works all except the symbols. Is there any I can force all the contents of all symbols to attach them-self to it?s class layer fill properties instead of the drudgery of going into each freaking symbol and selecting all and then selecting it?s fill to class properties? Issue 2 I find that when I create a new drawing by importing a DXF or DWG that the VW line dashes are substantially different then what I am used to by creating a VW drawing and then go?. After creating a new drawing by importing a DXF/DWG I usually have to open a new drawing and cut and paste in place by layer from the imported drawing into my new drawing . It?s just a pain. My question is why are the Line dashes so different? I?m sure (just a feeling, no empirical proof) Autocad is driving that, but can?t VW be smart enough to know not to allow Autocad line dashes into the import OR add them below the stock VW line dashes? Thanks for any help
  2. To get out of a Text object quickly, hit the keypad Enter key.
  3. Thanks for the explanation Ion. I just tried your suggestion. I was also finding that when I dupicated in place I sporatically got an original, a intended duplicated copy, and an unintended copy over the original. This is probably why. I will try to impliment that method of duplicating in place... Personally, it will take some getting used to. It's frustrating, at least to me, to be able to draw at a certain speed and then upgrade and hit a new VW timesaver that doesn't save me any substantial time, but interupts my flow of drawing. I also find that I need the emotional security that I get when I can see those black handles around the intended symbol/object/whatever I'm about to duplicate. The drawings I do are as crowded with info as everybody-elses probably are and I just think I'm going to duplicate the wrong thing. I also grab symbols/objects/whatever across multiple layers to duplicate so I need to obviously pre-select them before the duplicate in place. I just think it's just a subjective "muscle memory" procedure honed over many years and honestly I really never considered the edit key stroke much of a time consumer (Plus I get paid by the hour...) I just wish I could disable this particular double click edit feature.
  4. I miss the care-free days of nudging by Ctrl+, and then off I go with one finger.. I'm not a big fan of having to hold down the shift key while using the nudge arrows. It's quite minor but those of us who have been using the program since the Mini-Cad days have certain muscle memory reflexes and many a time I've hit the wrong keys.
  5. I think you have to set up a resource record format for your Title Block with all the fields you want customizable for your object info pallet. Then make your title block a symbol. Edit your Title Block symbol and link those text lines to your record by: Selecting a line of text and then "Organize": "Link text to record" I'm actually trying the same thing... I hope this was right...and helped
  6. Yeah, But in every program other than VW my right mouse button would be useless. I only have the native window software and the Logitech mouse driver/properties customization and unfortunatly it's global. And if you'll read my post in "double click frustration" you'll see that I have been having problems double clicking arbitrarily - unfortunatly more often than not its over a symbol or group and I get bumped to the edit screen. I just wish that the right mouse button in VW could be customizable to a specific tool. I have been able to define it, using customize my workspace, to a specific menu command, but not for a tool (as in 2D select). I use the XX or double click constantly. I have always been a strongly in favor of some button that would always select the 2D selector and if i am typing text, could in theory, get me out of it and on to my next task. Thanks for letting me vent.
  7. Me neither, but there you have it... It's quite frustrating. I have my mouse on the lowest double click sensitivity and I keep getting bumped to the edit symbol/group page.
  8. I have a Logitech semi-smart Mouse and I can't seem to find a program-specific definition, but in your case Ray Libby is your mouse definition specific program customized or is it globally defined?
  9. A Track ball for drafting is not an option...any other suggestions?
  10. My fellow posters: I want to disable this feature! I am perfectly capable to edit using the shortcut keys...I like it. I'm used to it. It works for me. I like to double click to release me from certain tools back to the 2D selector. I'll give the mouse sensitivity a try, but in my opinion this "double click edit" is a feature that I can totally do without
  11. So wouldn't it be great if the (for lack of a better term) quick key for the 2D selection tool is the right mouse button...is this even possible?
  12. This happens when I use my favorite feature of ctrl+click to duplicate an object in place and it's driving me to revert back to vectorworks v8 to draft!
  13. I would like to know if it is possible to turn off the feature in VW 10 that takes you to the edit view when you by some remote chance (more often than I would have ever guessed) you double click on a symbol or group.
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