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  1. I have been playing around with the artistic renderworks and the program had crash a couples of times. And I have 1GB of RAM
  2. Peter Huggins, I downloaded that plug-in, but it doesn't allow you to make changes that way, but some one gave another plug-in called "rectangle rotated", that plug-in give you the possibility to change the rectangle from any vertex, and after you can converted into a polygon if you want.
  3. Jan15, thanks for the tip, it's useful,to many changes but I'm gonna used if I needed. I'm gonna try the "rectangle PIO" plug in now, to see haw it woks. YK. from RD.
  4. thanks, for the reply, I use the reshape tool, and the shift to, but I will love to see when I can change that polygon with exactitude measure, just like I do with lines, that I can chose the angle, and I don't have to make extra lines to see where it ends or from where to where I have to move some vertex of the polygon. thanks, from R.D.
  5. I make a rectangle, and in that rectangle I can change the dimension of X and Y, from any of the 8 vertex available, but then I rotated that rectangle, and now its a polygon, but in that polygon now I cant change the dimensions because if I do its gonna get changed like if still a rectangle and its gonna get deform. So, I wonder when I'm gonna be able to change the dimensions of that polygon, using any of the 8 vertex, so it could change in the same angle.
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