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  1. Does anyone know why my grass is not rendering in Exterior Final Rendermode? I think I have tried everything and it is still not working! - I am using a viewport with grass enabled in lighting options - I have tried to change the scale of the grass in the resource manager - I am using the same settings as my friends by whom the grass renders just fine, no idea what I am doing wrong. I added some screenshots of my current settings in attachments! Thanks in advance
  2. I'm planning on purchasing a new computer to be able to use Vectorworks Educational with Enscape. I've recently Installed Vectorworks on another device but only figured out later that my graphic card is outdated and unable to run Enscape. With my Vectorworks Educational License, I was wondering wether I am going to be able to install Vectorworks again on a third device if I uninstall the application on one of my two current devices.
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