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  1. I'm having the same issue on a - 19" led wide - symbol. Any updates?
  2. Watch the tutorial on importing DWGs and making them Reference files.
  3. Hi all, I'm in a position to either upgrade my VW2009 Designer license to VW2010 and add a second seat for my partner or, upgrade my license and have him upgrade his own license. He has VW2008 fundamentals and we are constantly collaborating on corporate events projects and I would like to get him to start using Spotlight. What are the advantages / disadvantages of me upgrading my license and adding a second seat for him? Our offices are about 90 miles apart, do we need to be networked? Any other restrictions that we need to be aware of? TIA! Yours. -BC
  4. Hi Kool Aid, When I first started using VW Spotlight, I was using it to show room lay out, camera angles, Fire Marshal Drawings, and even 3D models. All without any lighting! If your client/producer can visualize well, some times just the wireframe drawings will work. Otherwise just use the ambient light. It's tricky, but if she is used to working in ACAD, she may see the advantages of the speed and special tools that VW offers. Good luck & keep the faith!
  5. Hi all, I've got a client that can't visualize...(don't we all?) I'm sending him some plans with the camera shots rendered as close ups and long shots. (see attachment) My questions are: 1. What settings should I use for a 18:1 zoom lens at full zoom in? 2. What settings should I use for a 18:1 zoom lens at full zoom out? 3. Same questions for a 33:1 or a 44:1 zoom lens. 4. Is there a formula for figuring the "film size" and "field of view" for zoom lenses on video cameras? TIA
  6. I'm thinking of upgrading to a MacBook Pro. I seem to remember that there were some issues with VW12.5 and OS10.5-Leopard. Does anyone know of these issues? Have they been resolved? Should I consider a dual boot (Tiger & Leopard)? Thanks for any insight! -BC
  7. I'm a Mac user that needs to export DWGs to various collaborators & clients. I would like to "proof" the DWGs before I send them out. I'm looking for an inexpensive & reliable CAD viewer that works on OSX. AC used to have one but I can no longer find it. Has anyone had any experience with TurboCad for Mac? TIA -BC
  8. I've been using 2 & 3 buttons on my Macs from the time I started using Macs. The new Apple wireless is a godsend, but I still find the command z,x,c,& v to be faster... -BC
  9. Thank you Andy, I've also discovered that "L-ACOUSTICS" have links to CAD files of all of their products on their website! It's amazing what you can find with a "Googlesearch" & a LOT OF TIME. It's the time thing I was hoping to avoid. ;-} Thanks again. -BC
  10. In the past I've seen VW drawings with Audio symbols/resources in them. Are there any audio resource Librarys, or did the individuals create these symbols them selves? I'm looking for Meyer Speaker clusters etc. -TIA
  11. Hi, I'm new to the forum. I've been using VW9 Landscape for a while (mostly self taught) and now I've moved up to VW 11. I've read the Users guide & it says that you can export VW11 files in older formats (VW10,9,8 etc.) I see the export to VW 10 option, but the people that i'm working with have VW9 & can't open VW10 or 11 files. How can convert a vw11 file to vw9? Thanks, BC
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