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  1. So, I have this problem that seems it hasn´t been resolved when exporting to DWG. "TEIGHA LIBRARY ERROR. The file could not be opened. Make sure it is not already open in another application." TRUST me, I can have only Vectorworks open, and still gives me error. After that i make sure in the task manager there isn´t something open and still gives me error. I read everywhere it could be the name, too long dashes points numbres, but nothing, I can name the file "hi" and having just a circle in the sheet layer, nothing. That it could be the location of the file and where I save it, and nothing. I´ve tried everything but it just doesn´t let me export to DWG. WHY??????? I NEED TO EXPORT TO DWG. I tried exporting from other versions of vectorworks and still gives me problems, can it be my computer´s problem? I use Vectorworks 2018 running on windows 10.
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