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  1. Sorry forgot to mention we are running VWs 9.5.1 on OSX .2 not 10.2.8
  2. Hello we are running OSX 2.8. Since installing an epsonnet box on to our Epson 1290 two of our three machines are unable to specify pages other than the first when printing from vectorworks. One machine works fine. We are able to specify different pages when printing from other apps. We have the latest print driver... could this be a vectorworks preference? any ideas much appreciated
  3. Hey, As a newcomer to Vectrscripts I was hoping someone might be able to suggest a solution for this problem: I am currently editing an existing VS from 8.5.2 to make it compatible with 10.5. The script perfroms a sequence of grouping and ungrouping operations before exporting the file. I guess this is to ensure the file is made up of lines only before doing the export. It does this procedure 7 times to ensure most levels of grouping are reached. However, in 10.5 it ungroups until there are no more groups, then errors out as there are no more groups left to convert. I need to find a way round this: I was thinking of putting a do while loop in that would run on the condition of the menu item "convert to group()" being valid. is this possible? is there a function that returns a boolean value for the status of a menu item? Any other suggestions for this problem? All help much appreciated.
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