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  1. Yes, I did have plant styles enabled but not 3D. I did a test and it took about half the amount of time for tags with plant styles disabled...BUT, it still did take quite a while.
  2. Sure Robert. Here's a list: 1) The first time you open the 'place plant' tool and select 'edit', the window closes and you have to select 'place plant' tool again and the 'edit' button again. The second time it works. This happens everytime I open a new project. 2) Sometimes when placing symbols, a ghost appears with the symbol the right size, then when I click to place the plant (using the multi-plant tool) only the connection lines (and an x) appear and there's no symbol. After I delete and try again, it starts working. This is occassionally but happens enough to be irritating. 3) When placing lots of multi-plants (say 20-30), there's a 20-40 second pause after you double click to finishing placing the plants. You can't do anything while you are waiting. 3) when I select 'show landscape tags' it feels like forever until they actually appear. On a drawing with less than 50 plants it took about 50 seconds for them to show. 4) when I go to move one of these plant labels it takes an additional 10-20 seconds for the label to move after you drop it. 5) The crashes I experienced were random while doing a planting design. I only had 2 or 3 and I don't think there were any similaraties that I can remember between each of them. I will try to note when they occur next time. All these 'waits' make the planting program feel way too sluggish to be usable. Remember, this is on a DELL p4 2.8 gHz, 128 ATI video card and 1.3 gigs of RAM so my machine shouldn't be a factor. To be sure of what I've listed above, I have reproduced all of the results in 2 seperate tests using different symbols. The rest of the program (except DTM) seems to work fine. Rob
  3. Exactly how many points can VW 11 process to create a DTM? I know it depends on RAM, etc. but I have 1.3gigs of RAM on a high end DELL machine and I can't get the program to process 3000 loci. It just hangs forever. Man, if it can't do 3000 points there is something terribly wrong with this software. LandCAD chews through this many points in seconds. I had hoped that version 11 would have fixed this limitation.
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