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  1. Hello, I just upgraded to VW 2012. I opened a file I created with 2011. Made a few changes and recalculated my worksheet. When it recalculated all the text in the first column turned white and invisible. I've trying opening the database headers, changing the font and fill colors and nothing seems to correct the problem. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  2. Picture this - I have a floorplan full of symbols, each symbol indicates product placement. Is there a way I can create a hyperlink between my symbol in VW 10 and my product page in Pagemaker 6.5?
  3. OK, now is there a way to link each individual plan file together so that if a part number or price changed then it would change in each file automaticly or would I have to open each file seperatley and edit the record format?
  4. I use VW 10. I use symbols to demonstrate product placement on my plan. Can I link my Excel pricing file to each individual symbol. Thus creating my contract in VW?
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