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  1. Hey Rick, How is it going? I just saw you here and wanted to say "Hi." We are having a great time in Dallas, I hope all is well for you. It seems like your wishes have been granted! Andrea [ 08-09-2004, 11:33 AM: Message edited by: Andrea B. ]
  2. Hello all! I have created some motor point symbols and would like to use them to create paperwork. I do not know how to edit the label legend... I would like to select a symbol, edit its Unit Number and have the x,y coords be included in a field with a tolerance of up to 4". So, the "Position" field will tell me what truss it is for, and "Unit Number" will work for the numbering... but how can I add the coords.. and give them a tolerance? Thanks, Andrea
  3. Steve, thank you for the feedback. I am very interested to hear how VW11 and wysiwyg work together. Andrea B. Toombs
  4. Thanks for the reply, I have found the same to be true from co-workers, although I haven't installed yet.
  5. I am copying this post as it was in a read only area: "jodawi Moderator Member # 1168 posted 06-25-2004 02:38 PM VectorWorks 11 will open and save version 2004/2005 files. Note for users of older versions of VectorWorks: When AutoCAD saves files to previous versions, it sometimes creates corrupt files, and sometimes stores extra information which can confuse the importer in earlier versions of VectorWorks. If you have this trouble, you can try using different DXF or DWG versions, or try switching from DXF to DWG or vice-versa. Version 12 should generally have the least amount of trouble, tho in rare cases AutoCAD may create a corrupt file. Problems like this are usually avoided by using the latest version of VectorWorks. -------------------- John Williams Core Technologies, NNA If you want to make sure i see your response please email a copy to me at: jodawi@nemetschek.net" -------------------- I have VW 11 sitting in its vacuum sealed package, waiting to be installed. I am currently using VW10.1 and I am having great trouble plotting... That is a hit or miss situation. I am tired of beating that dead horse. As soon as I am done with the current project in 10.1, I will install and start the next project. Here is how it goes for me: Receive AutoCAD 2000 dwg Import to AutoCAD LT (Light) 2000 or 2004 Import into VW 10.1, Lighting Designer does his thing Export to LightWright3 Export VW10.1 back to AutoCAD LT 2000 or 2004 Import AutoCAD2000 into wysiwyg Import LW3 into wysiwyg Then do the show, come back and make as-built in VW to put into archives. This is where I am now. The plotting problems are preventing me from installing new software, and thus preventing me from trying the software out before working on the next project. The list is just the tip of the iceberg, the company I work for does a lot more to these drawings than import and export. My question is, what version of AutoCAD is going to work with VW 11? I am sorry if this is coming across very blunt. I am anxious to install, and unsure of how this will affect our process. [ 06-25-2004, 05:48 PM: Message edited by: Andrea B. ]
  6. It is difficult to convince my employer to send out our files... sorry. On a hopefully lighter note, we have VW 11 in the box ready to install as soon as I get the current project done in 10! Since this problem seems to be random I am going to pray that it all plots well, and move on to 11, rather than beat the dead horse as the saying goes... Thanks though, I do appreciate the help.
  7. To send it to you, I would have to remove any identifiable information, (client logo etc) it would no longer be the same file. Also, the time required to make these changes would put me behind schedule.
  8. Andrea B.

    Free Image hosting

    You answered my question before I asked it! Thanks!
  9. HPDJ 500 PC with Windows XP VW 10.1 As with others, it doesn't plot like this every time. I have wondered how I would recreate this phenomenon, and the inverted color text boxes seem easier than the transparency of the cross hairs. Those are actually motor placement symbols. I find it very odd that where they are above an object on a different layer, the crosshair and circle change color. FYI the circle, cross and text are grouped together on the same layer. The red rectangle with text is on a different layer, and is unaffected. The Title block is also unaffected. [ 06-23-2004, 01:02 PM: Message edited by: Andrea B. ]
  10. I am having the same problems, and then some. I am not sure that we are all experiencing quite the same problem, so I have scanned in an image from a plot with this problem... Troubleshoot Problems with this plot: Black boxes on text. Circles with crosses also have inverted colors. Oddity that only some of the text is blacked, the unblacked text box is on a different layer. [ 06-22-2004, 06:10 PM: Message edited by: Andrea B. ]
  11. I second this question.
  12. Hey everyone, this is my first post, so please be gentle! I am frazzled after losing my wysiwyg training notes... I am wondering if anyone has tips for importing into wysiwyg 8 from VW-10.1 links to wysiwyg message boards, or any other info would be great My main question is: Should I explode in VW before importing? I have already cleaned out most of the extraneous junk from the drawing, and want to speed up importation. Thanks!


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