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  1. Millie


    @unearthed Thanks, hadn't realised there was a subject line but will note for next time.
  2. Millie


    @Andy Broomell @zoomer Really helpful advice and explanations- cleared that up for me, my perspectives are now at a happy size and I understand the function of the design layer scale. Thank you very much!
  3. Millie


    Hi, I am having trouble creating viewports at 1:50, I noticed the design layer I had modelled on was set at 1:50, so I copied and pasted the model onto a new document with design layer 1:1, the viewports scale fine when created with orthogonal and set views, but when I set the viewports in perspective or custom views at 1:50 the viewport is minuscule... it’s as if the design layer is still at 1:50 and has been scaled again at 1:50, but doesn’t have this problem in set views. I haven’t encountered this problem before, does anyone know if I am missing a step or if there is a way I can fix it to get perspective viewports at the correct scale? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks Millie


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