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  1. What I want is a way to draw things a bit more accurately with the freehand tool for different scenic pieces of the theatre shows I design. I have an XP-PEN pad that plugs into the computer with a stylist, but it does not have a display on the pad and I find it difficult and not very accurate to use. If this Duet Display is not a good way to achieve what I am looking for, what are some other options?
  2. Has anyone had success with using an iPad as another screen to draw scenery using the apple pencil and duet display? My computer is a PC that is already set up with a dual monitor system, from what I have found online is you can use an iPad with the duet display app and have another monitor that acts as a touch screen. If that truly works, I could then use the apple pencil to draw different pieces of scenery on the iPad in vectorworks, correct?


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