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  1. Matthias we are having the same problem with an intel imac and VW11.5.1 No more hardware upgrades for us until there is a UB VW.
  2. I'm with you Ken. Whilst there are work arounds for this problem its something a cad program should be able to automate. I want to be able to join intersecting roof faces in the same manner as joining walls. And in the same vein since we no longer have to manually join walls to a roof I'm hanging out for the day we don't have to maually edit roof plane intersections
  3. Joel Here is a thread, although it relates to servers so won't really help you. I'm not sure what could cause the problem when working directly off the hard disk. I have encountered similar issues when transfering files between computers that have differing versions of vectorworks installed, although again that would appear to not apply to your situation. Sorry i can't suggest anything else. http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthrea...=true#Post29227
  4. Sim, I've also experienced this a few times since we started working off a server. It seems to happen randomly. We use the autosave to separate file and also have a rotating backup for the server - it has saved us a couple of times. Joel, there was a similar thread last year i think - you may be able to find more info by searching this board if you haven't already.
  5. I've been told that if you select all required sheet layers in the layer setup dialog and then change the page setup it will apply to all in version 12. (haven't been able to test this since i use 11.5)
  6. If you are referring to the line defaults being corrupted by ACAD (a regular occurance in my experience) i get around this by importing ACAD data into a new blank file and then copying the info into the VW file where it is needed. This avoids the line types being corrupted in the target file.
  7. Grant M

    Class Names

    I use the modify layers & classes dialog for this, although its almost as tedious as using the class list. Being able to do it upon import would be great.
  8. I've been told Archicad has this ability so i'm sure NNA's engineers could manage it. Archicad allows control over line thickness depending on depth from viewing point - i.e closer elements have thicker lines. It's definitely something i would like to see in VW
  9. Robert Yes I realise I can control the database definition after it has been created. The spaces are on a single layer and defined by space name and occupant name and area. However I need to do further calculations on every space, so it becomes time consuming for a large project to define each one in the worksheet. Its easier to export the worksheet to excel, but of course i lose the live update capability then if a space is altered. As a work around I tried to reference individual cells to elsewhere in the worksheet but it doesn't accept a subrow reference - b2.1 for example just shows in the cell as typed rather than the content of cell b2.1. Is there a way to reference sub cells? Is there a programming reason stopping the initial worksheet creation placing the data into normal rows rather than creating subrows? Thanks Grant
  10. I've used the create report command to make a worksheet from spaces and am left with sub-rows listing each space. I have 3 spaces per building and would like to summarise the areas of each unit and add formulas to calculate carparking etc. There seems to be no way to insert rows within the subrows, or select single cells in adjacent columns. Am I faced with having to manually create the worksheet and retrieve the records in order to have the worksheet in a presentable format? Any advice on creating schedules from space planning is appreciated. Thanks Grant
  11. Robert On a slight tangent here but hopefully you can help - I am trying to edit a text block that is set to default as invisible in the record. Is there a way to make it visible when editing the symbol? tia grant
  12. I second this (and I think it has been requested previously by others) An extra button for "all on" is all that is required. It would be useful for layers also
  13. I agree - dimensioning mostly on design layers is how i work also. I'll often have common dimensions that appear on say floor & foundation plans. Its a duplication to do such things in a viewport and time consuming & prone to error when alterations need to be made.
  14. I'm frustrated that the drawing label and reference marker tools over ride text alignment defaults. After using these tools I always have to reset text alignment back to top left because these plug-ins alter the preference to centre left. If this has not been addressed in VW12 please add to the wish list.
  15. Try clicking "my profile" when you log in. It probably has the options you want.
  16. Editing a symbol is working in isolation from the rest of the drawing though isn't it. It would be useful to edit angled buildings in context. Maybe a "show objects while in symbol" checkbox could be useful. (to the particular instance of the symbol)
  17. Are you trying to import the file directly off a CD? If so that is probably why you get the read only message. Copy it to the hard drive and try again if it won't let you open it. Once you have imported the file you can save it with a new name etc
  18. I would love to be able to join roof faces - say in a similar manner to joining walls. I think this is well overdue for complex roof shapes that are not suitable for using the create roof tool. Its a drag having to manually alter the shape to suit, particularly those of faces with differing Z heights.
  19. Grant M


    Yep that book sounds interesting. I remember Julian Carrs 3d manager add on for VW8 that allowed users to create pretty impressive curved stairs, among other things. Haven't played with the extrude along path tools in VW11 much but does anyone know whether such things can still be made with a plug-in or similar? Thx
  20. I use the pick up/put down attributes tool to do this. In the tools preference setting, click the plug-in parameter check box.
  21. I'm using a G5 imac at work and its ok. Until recently it only had 256mb of ram which made it a bit slow, but works pretty well now with 768mb so your 2gb should be fine. When the processor is working harder the fan winds up to an annoying whine which can be disconcerting, although its never overheated. I haven't done any modelling or rendering on it so can't comment on performance when its really being pushed by Vectorworks. I find using idvd and classic applications stress it more than VW.


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