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  1. Unfortunately, this method does not summarize the number of elements. Each of the truss elements is displayed as in the amount of 1.
  2. Hi all! I'm having trouble creating reports, please help. I am creating a custom truss structure and then trying to create a report. In my report, each element of the farm is indicated as a separate element with a quantity of 1, instead of being grouped by name. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Good day! When trying to transfer a project from vectorworks 2022 to L8 using MVR, the geometry of some elements is transferred with errors. For example, a TV set made using TV Tool is transferred normally, but if you add a stand to it, then only the screen texture and stand are transferred from the TV, the TV itself is not visible in the document. But if we remove the stand, then the TV is exported normally, with the body and textures. If we try to import the MVR file back into VectorWorks, we will get the same result, only the TV screen will be visible. Unfortunately there will be no body. Please advise how to fix this problem.
  4. Hello everyone! I am experiencing problems exporting 3d models from vectorwork to dwg. After export, my walls, LED screens and other objects seem to be divided into several parts, while additional stripes appear on the object. Tell me what am I doing wrong? I have a student version of the program.
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