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  1. this was the solution, thank you very much, is there a way to set that as default do you know?
  2. hi folks, so yeah i don't know why im getting these jagged curves on my sheet, you can see the options i have chosen (are they the wrong ones?)
  3. @line-weight, thank you for this solution, yeah i noticed the curve and mine does indeed have a slight one, but i think it might be ok for my purpose (i may change my mind and do your way later), both ways are super handy to know and ill be copying these answers to my notes for future ref, thank you both
  4. Thanks Tom, you are a life saver 🙂
  5. hi all, im really struggling, need to make a thick arched window cove the gets smaller towards the back, ive drawn the 1st shape and the end shape but i cannot figure out how to join the 2 to make a 3d object, any advice much appreciated bd2.vwx
  6. Hi, not sure if im asking this correctly or using the correct terminology but i want to create isometric viewports of alcove details so i can show depth information etc, nothing im trying seems to work, can anyone advise, have included an image of the bit i need
  7. @michaelk just followed your vid, thank you, finally making some progress 🙂
  8. @Kevin K not sure from your message if i offended?! i sincerely thank you for the solution you offered and i may well use it in future, but after trying michaelk's solution just now ive found that's got the result i need, i wasnt saying i felt id have to use your textures just that i dont have a need to texture the exterior or make it look like a roof in any way from outside, ill have a go with the roof tool, perhaps its still relevant to my need (as for the uni part, this is a project for my university course, design for film and television)
  9. @Kevin K re the roof tool, i have no real need of texture or looks for the outside as its an interior set im designing (for uni), im just getting round to trying suggestions now so will post my results, knowing now about the roof tool though is definitely handy for future
  10. @AlanW thank you, I'll look into this 👍
  11. @michaelk haha, Bloomin heck that's perfect, thank you 😁👍
  12. @michaelk hmm ok then that could work, I'll give it a try in The morning 👍 (in reply to the rail suggestion)
  13. @michaelk I did start doing that but wasn't sure if it was making proper 3d geometry, I have ribs that aren't showing that would make it easy for me to build it up with faces but would adding all the sides turn it into an actual solid object? (I'm not even sure I know what I'm saying now so forgive me if that makes no sense)
  14. @michaelk I want to keep the geometry, don't want a smooth curve, supposed to be an ancient temple built of stone 😊
  15. @AlanW I'm quite new at it so no I don't even know what that is, I've added a pic to my post if that helps explain what I'm doing
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