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  1. Hi my name is Tracey. We are a fun and busy firm in Victoria British Columbia Canada looking for a remote draftsperson to handle interior design, millwork, and interior feature drafting projects. My team is busy and I need some more support. Are you detailed, open to another drafting style, and able to take on more (usually smallish) projects? Please email me your information about your services, rates, experience, and availability. Looking forward to hearing all about what you do! My email address is tracey@spaciz.com. Look us up Spaciz Design Company Inc. www.spaciz.com
  2. Hi Gibbs I'm looking for some VW drafting support for my business projects. Lots of millwork and interior features. Our team is flat out and i would like to know more about your services, rates, and experience. Remote is just fine! Please email me to arrange a Zoom meeting if you're interested. Thank you :) and enjoy your day. Tracey
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