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  1. VW Landmark 2020-21 expert needed. (1 month gig) Project - Produce site model and design modifications, rendered, suitable for presentation from design work provided and directed by the architect. Skills required include, but not limited to; Site Modeling Site Modifiers (Roads, paths, building placements) Geo location / Site texturing (presentation) Landscape tools 3d modeling and presentation Mastery of DMT Modeling and use of Point Cloud survey info. Timeline 20-30 days start- immediately Local required for in person meetings only.
  2. bgoff I have the same issue. I've built a site model from Google maps info, including topo. I just got a perimeter survey, To scale, and it seems my Geo referenced image is as the fellow last year said, about 115% larger than the survey. Which measures to scale. I didn't understand at all what your solution was. Could you explain again My project is in Southern Oregon. Thank you
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