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  1. Hello, I had a problem with the scale of imported materials in Twinmotion. They were much too small even when scaled too maximum. The problem seemed to be the scale of my materials set in VW. When creating a new texture my default size is set to 0,01. Can this be changed by default to 1? Thanks
  2. Just one other simple question for a beginner... When I download and open a marionette project from someone else, how do I find the script if it's not already visable? 🙈
  3. Oh, thanks very much 🎉 I thought I was too stupid to follow simple instructions yesterday. Now I'm motivated again 💪
  4. I'm trying to follow the tutorial "Algorithmic Design in BIM Software" on the VW Uni site but can't get my script to run properly. I've obviously made a mistake but just can't find it. Can anyone help? test.vwx
  5. 😲 Oh, thank you so much! This really does help, I'll play around with it a little more, and perhaps get back to if I get stuck again. Thanks again, Neil
  6. Hi, I am an exhibition designer (and new here) and would like to develop a "ramp" tool for my work. Some booths are built up around 10-20 centimetres over the exhibition floor and therefore use a ramp module of about 1-1.5 meters deep to avoid a step. Eventually I would like to have a BIM module, but I thought I could start with a simple marionette where you type in the desired height and depth of the ramp and the it extrudes along an active path. I've watched a couple of marionette tutorials but still obviously don't even understand the basics. Before giving up I just wanted to ask if anyone can give me a tip on how I could continue (perhaps I'm going about it completely the wrong way) Thanks a lot Neil
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