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  1. Here are some screenshots.
  2. I'm having trouble with renderworks. When I'm working in 3D I use OpenGL as visualization, but sometimes (mostly when I open the file and try to change one thing) it stops working. It still appears as OpenGL but without edges. I cannot turn the edges on, it is greyed out. I also cannot select any other renderworks options like fast or final. This goed on for about 10 minutes and then it suddenly fixes itself like nothing happend. I got used to it, but now I want to export as an .fbx file but since it relies on rendorworks options, it doesn't work. I select the export, it doesn't load and no file appears. I have contacted vectorworks support but I have yet to reviece an answer. I'm hoping I can get an answer here becuase it is rather urgent. I'm working on a Microsoft Surface Book 2 running Windows 10, with the Surface Dock and an external 4k monitor (this does not seem to be the problem). I am not able to add a screenshot, really wierd. Thanks in advance!


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