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  1. We are using the PDF because the Oce requires account codes. We we pruchase the Oce last year, there was no way to enter account codes from the print dialog windows. The Oce has a web interface where we can enter account codes and upload the PDF's to the plotter. Do you have to enter an account code?
  2. I am using VectorWorks10 on Mac OS X. To plot, I use the OS X's PDF option to create PDF files. I then print these PDF files on an Oce TDS 400. Most of the time the files plot in one or two minutes with no problems. Every now and then, I will send a PDF file that takes forever to plot, one to two hours. I've opened the file in Preview and Acrobat Reader. Both appear fine and will print to a smaller printers. I've recreated the PDF file with the same result. I've sent the problem PDF file to Oce. They get the same results - takes an hour or two print. As a work around, I've saved the VW file as a PS file. Then convert the file to a PDF using Acrobat Distiller 6. The problem with this work around, is that I have know idea which files will plot normally and which files need to go the Distiller route. If I send a bad file to the Oce, I can't cancel the file normally. I have to reboot the the Oce rip/server, which of course is a real pain. I guess there is some element in the VW file that is corrupting the PDF file. Has anyone else had this problem?


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