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  1. Dear guys, Im just solving troubles with weights of circle trusses in Vectorworks 2020/2021. Im using Eurotruss FD44 30m Circle 32 cuts - Vectorworks tells me that 1 cut weight 13,08kg Ive contacted Eurotruss company - the manufacturer of the truss and they told me that this 1 cut should weight 22,5 kg this is almost double weight that your software tells me, pls advise if I can work with vectorworks/braceworks weight or not best regards Martin
  2. @jeff prince Thank you for your point of your view, I will try to apply it to my drawings it makes sence even because of render times, etc thank you again
  3. @jeff prince so the better way is to use actual ariels photograps or? I will need some closer views to the site
  4. @rDesign Thanks for your help... so it looks like it is still not fixed in VW2020 SP6 Thanks
  5. @jeff prince Thank you very much for answer, pls see just simple Site model with texture bed on, lets say 200 x 100 meters large and in open gl (1) version and render version (2) there should be blades of grass with height 0.5 meter with good density as in the grass shader i did the same process with just small piece of Site model (4 x 4 meters) and it works (3 + 4) thank you in advance
  6. Hello, pls can anyone help me with realistic grass rendering on a quite large site model (approx. 100 x 200m)...once I place texture bed on a site model and change texture bed class details texture to grass shader, the final render is without realistic grass When I do the same process with smaller site model, it works Any advide please Im using Vectorworks 2020 Thank you
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