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    As a Revit user for almost 15 years, and as the subscription/maintenance model has now changed, Autodesk are forcing me to look at alternatives. As I retain the perpetual licence, I am not in desperate need to suddenly change. I am however looking for an alternative. I came across VW amongst other software solutions, and I have been searching online for tutorials/videos and cannot find any that show how to get started, from drawing a simple floor plan with doors/windows, to adding a floor/roof, to creating sections/elevations, and creating views/sheets for exporting. There are a large amount of tutorials online for the other software (Archicad) I am trialling at the moment (6 months free trial!), while the company offered training, the cost was far too expensive for a software that I may decide not to use. I would like to trial VW, but if I can't find any worthwhile tutorials to at least get me started, then it's pointless installing the software for 30 day trial, if at the end of 30 days I'm still none the wiser.I am looking for a reason to trial the software but I am struggling to find one at the moment. I will be one of what I think will be a growing number of sole trader small businesses taking this route in the future, so it would be a good time for both VW and Archicad to promote their products.
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