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  1. I have built a massing model on top of a 2d survey map (of London) using the massing model tool - I would like to see the 2d map rotated with the 3d model - Is this possible?
  2. It's still crashing... Now I cannot get Artistic Renderworks to work at all without crashing. I now have another problem; After creating a 'model view' in a separate layer and viewing the 10 or so combined layers I have drawn, there appears to be a problem with consistency in the layer 'stack'. For example - Sometimes the roof layer will be in the correct position as stated in it's 'layer Z' value and sometimes it will not. Also, if I then try to change it's height (z) within the layers it will not 'always' move. The only way to get it to move is to delete the model view and create a new one - Although this only works 50% of the time. This is very frustrating as there does not appear to be any 'constant'. Eg/ If I create a model view with only 2 layers (including the roof) it will be in the right place...? Then if I include all the layers it will not. What am I doing wrong?
  3. I am running OS X Version 10.3.4. It will always crash if I try to add more than 3 vertical panels within the stile/rail settings from within the object menu - Whilst in 3d view with open GL turned on. There are other situations where it crashes for no apparent reason though. I do not have 2d acceleration or Vector Caching turned on.....Should I turn it on? Thank you. Jason Curtis.
  4. Thanks for the help - I hope that Nemetschek will try to resolve this issue quickly.
  5. Since upgrading to VW11 (architect+renderworks) I find that the application regularly 'unexpectedly quits' on me - Which is very annoying. It does not do this with any other applications I use. I have a 1.5 ghz,G4 Powerbook (with 1gig of memory and 128mb graphics card). It seems to crash the most when modifying objects with open GL rendering turned on... Any ideas? Jason Curtis.
  6. I am struggling with VW 10.5 3d. I am trying to build a window wall in 3d that has 8 x mullions at 800mm centres. The mullions need to increase in height and meet a sloping roof element that follows the line of the top of the mullions. I have tried un grouping, converting - everything - for hours...help! Thankyou.
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